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The perfect material for bathroomware

The perfect material for bathroomware

Glazed titanium steel. Never heard of it? Well, read on because it's the material you should be installing in your new bathroom for a whole raft of reasons.

Words by ArchiPro Editorial Team

Most New Zealanders haven't heard about the benefits of glazed titanium steel bathroom products, so it's an education process every time a new customer walks into a Franklins Design Studio, says James Smith, General Manager Sales at Franklins European Bathrooms.

“The overwhelming selling points of a glazed titanium steel surface is the ease with which it is cleaned, plus its incredible durability," he says. “The properties of glazed titanium steel make it one of the best-suited materials for washbasins, baths and shower trays. Not only is it highly versatile and malleable, but it is also robust and effortless to clean, which is ideal for the high standards of hygiene that apply in bathrooms.”

Combining an impregnable glazed surface bonded to a rigid titanium-steel base is the ideal amalgam for hard-working surfaces in the bathroom. This perfect marriage of materials brings together the elegance and sanitary properties of glass and the durability of titanium steel—one of the world's most rigid and most stable materials.

Designed and manufactured at their headquarters in Delbrück, Germany, Bette glazed titanium steel products are available exclusively through Franklins.

“Bette produces a huge range of bathroom products that are finished to the highest level of engineering tolerances,” says James. “The surface of BetteGlaze® is harder than marble, plastic/acrylic or steel, which makes it almost impossible to be damaged by any materials usually found in the bathroom.”

Combining an impregnable glazed surface bonded to a rigid titanium-steel base is the ideal amalgam for hard-working surfaces in the bathroom.

Glazed titanium steel: more than surface deep

Think of a glazed surface as toughened glass. As such, it is pore-free, meaning dirt and bacteria cannot adhere to it and virtually any grime, stains or blemishes are wiped away without the need to use abrasive or chemical cleaning products. It’s also good to know that even stubborn cosmetics, such as nail polish, cannot harm the surface of glazed titanium steel because these surfaces are resistant to chemicals. Nail polish and even hair dyes simply wipe off without leaving any stains.

Those wanting a higher level of hygiene and even greater ease of cleaning can opt for an additional finish on the surface of their bathtub, washbasin, or shower tray, such as BetteGlaze Plus—a clear polymer coating that ensures water droplets and limescale deposits are unable to adhere to the treated surface.

“The wafer-thin glaze is exceptionally resilient and impact-resistant, which is good to know should anything heavy be accidentally dropped on the washbasin or in the bathtub. The surface is also impervious to scratches under normal conditions.”

Watch this video to learn more about glazed titanium steel bathware.

Franklins European Bathrooms: valuing authentic quality

So confident is Franklins about the durability and scratch-resistance of its Bette products that James and his two brothers set up a BBQ in one of its baths last Father’s Day to prove how indestructible it's glazed titanium-steel is! The next day, once the charcoal had cooled, they cleaned it up using ordinary detergent and it came up good as new.

This incredibly tough surface does not develop waves, even after prolonged use, nor is it affected by UV light. Even after many years, bathroom products made of glazed titanium steel will remain as bright and shiny as they did on the very first day they were installed, says James.

“Bette puts this incredible durability down to the perfectly uniform thickness of the titanium steel and the precision of the enamel glaze, which makes it super-strong. All Bette glazed titanium steel products come with a 30-year warranty.

“Glazed titanium steel is the perfect heat conductor, quickly taking on the temperature of the room and the bathwater to provide a genuinely comfortable bathing experience, including around the neck area. Also, unlike its plastic counterparts, the glazed surface is fireproof and non-flammable, so even a burning candle will not damage the surface.”

With a growing focus on the environment and a desire to reduce the use of plastics in the home, bathtubs and basins made from glazed titanium steel offer a natural, non-plastic/acrylic alternative. Similarly, the material is also 100 per cent recyclable, which means it can be a more sustainable choice for the environmentally-conscious homeowner.

Bette products are exclusive to Franklins, says James. “Everything that you see in our catalogue is in stock at our Auckland warehouse right now; there are no supply chain issues. We also have design studios in Auckland, Wellington, Hamilton and Mt Maunganui. Two new design studios are scheduled to open in Auckland early next year, along with a new flagship design studio in Westgate, which should be open by March or April.”

Learn more about glazed titanium steel products for your next bathroom project.

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