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Try before you buy

Try before you buy

Augmented reality places furniture in your home.

Words by ArchiPro Editorial Team
Using an iPad or smartphone, consumers simply access the Augmented Reality tab on the Modern Style website to access a range of outdoor furniture settings to peruse in their own home—no app required.

It’s one of the frustrating elements of going furniture shopping, not being able to take the furniture home to make sure it’s the right fit for your space. It’s also one of the most common questions that Steve Foreman, Director of Modern Style Outdoor Furniture gets asked.

“People are constantly asking if they can take the furniture home first before they commit to buying but even if that were possible, the logistics would be mind-boggling.

“So, I have, hopefully, come up with the next best option—augmented reality.”

In what he believes is a first for any outdoor furniture company, Steve has added augmented reality (AR) to the company’s website.

Users simply click on the Augmented Reality tab on the drop down menu to access the range of outdoor settings available to view.

Using augmented reality to shop from home

“I started to really work on the idea of how to make this happen in October last year,” says Steve. “I knew I wanted a product that would be simple to use and easy to access. I looked at various app options but I quickly dismissed those—not everyone wants to have to download yet another single-purpose app to their devices.

“What I’ve come up with instead is, what I believe to be the best solution. Customers simply access the Modern Style website on their smartphone or tablet, select the augmented reality tab on the menu bar and then select the style of outdoor setting they want.”

After a few moments, the image of the chosen setting then downloads to the device and users can position the furniture in the space they want. They can even walk around the furniture for a fully immersive experience.

Currently, there are eight settings in different colours and configurations for people to choose from, says Steve.

“We’ve started with our most popular settings in the first instance but will be looking to add the full range in the coming months.”

Once selected, the chosen outdoor setting downloads to the user's tablet or smartphone and can be positioned in the virtual site exactly how it would be set up to use. Users can even walk around the setting to view it from multiple angles.

Bricks and mortar vs clicks and order

The only limitation with the augmented reality feature is that it will only work on smartphones and tablets from 2017 or newer. However, people can still get a feel for how Modern Style’s furniture looks from every angle thanks to the 360-degree view on the website.

“There is one other limitation, you can’t get a feel for how comfortable the furniture is. For that, you will need to visit one of our showrooms, located in Auckland, Tauranga and Christchurch.

“Of course, I’m pretty proud of the augmented reality feature. The feedback so far has been resoundingly positive. Now, if I can just figure out a way to make it seem like you’re actually sitting on the product…”

Customers have the ability to also make purchases directly from the AR tab for shipping anywhere in New Zealand.

Learn more about Modern Style’s augmented reality service.

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