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Viva l'Italia

Viva l'Italia

From the leading design houses of Italy to your home.

Words by ArchiPro Editorial Team

The Italians have long been considered to be at the epicentre of upscale design—whether that be related to the automotive, fashion or architectural industries.

For Michael Rompelberg, owner of Wellington flooring and bathroomware showroom, Bello Casa, there are few who can come close to achieving the level of excellence inherent within Italian design.

“From the smallest detail through to the finished product, the attention to quality is staggering, both in terms of form and function, which is why we almost exclusively represent Italian brands across flooring, bathroom fittings and fixtures and wardrobes.”

Bello Casa was established by Michael in 2016 and has secured a reputation for supplying innovative products for all areas of the home—indoors and out—specialising in a range of hard flooring options.

Add a whole new dimension to your bedroom interior with a selection of large-format porcelain stoneware floor and wall tiles.

Bello Casa: curated designs for your unique needs

“We offer homeowners a range of design solutions curated to tie the whole house together,” says Michael, who is joined in the business by Gabbie Matheson and sister, Jane Rompelberg. “Our goal is to educate clients on the products available rather than taking a ‘hard sell’ approach—products suited to their individual needs and their lifestyle.

“For us, design is a very collaborative process, so we help customers make informed decisions to achieve their desired outcome. We also work closely with interior designers and architects, as well as offering an in-house design service. Each of us brings a set of skills to the business that ultimately ensures that the customer is always happy with their design direction.”

Gabbie agrees: “The showroom is open six days a week and we encourage people from all across the lower-North Island to make an appointment or to call in and peruse the large range of stock on hand from our exclusive partners. We can work with clients on modelling particular looks to ensure they achieve a solution with an equal focus on form and function.”

While Bello Casa offers a range of items for the home, the focus is on quality flooring products including engineered timber flooring by IPF and a comprehensive range of porcelain stoneware tiles from Cotto d’Este, Unica and Casalgrande Padana, amongst others.

Transform your kitchen with marble-look porcelain stoneware tiles and combine the unparalleled aesthetics with the durability that only porcelain can offer.

Bello Casa: the best of Italy

“No other country can produce the quality of tiles that the Italians do,” says Michael. “From the replication of natural surfaces to the manufacturing technologies that produce large-format tiles suitable for use in seismic zones, as well as antimicrobial properties, the Italians are second to none.

“Our main tile manufacturer is Cotto d’Este, recognised as a global leader in the manufacture of quality porcelain stoneware tiles. We offer 20 different products from the Cotto d’Este range from options designed to mimic the look of natural materials through to solid colours and metallic-look tiles. Plus, the whole Cotto d’Este range features an innovative antimicrobial formulation that means no harsh chemical cleaners are required—the tiles are environmentally friendly, people friendly.”

“Also,” adds Gabbie. “Cotto d’Este features the Kerlite Easy installation system, the world’s first dry-laying installation system for Kerlite large-format porcelain stoneware slabs. What this means is that you can lay the tiles directly over the existing hard flooring without the need for time-consuming preparation. And, because the whole system is only 8mm thick, you can usually lay the floor without needing to make adjustments to existing doors. The finished result has also been acoustically tested with low acoustic transfer of 17dB or less.”

“The advantage of the Kerlite range of tiles is that they are very thin and flexible, which means they are an ideal solution for areas that experience high levels of seismic activity, such as Wellington,” says Gabbie. “That flexibility ensures they can withstand longitudinal and lateral forces without breaking. They also have a very high impact resistance, which you can see in the videos on our ArchiPro profile page.”

The photo-realistic, 3D printed surface of Limpha creates a natural looking backdrop without any of the ongoing maintenance thanks to it's self-cleaning properties, all while purifying the air around your home.

Bello Casa: sustainability and liveability

“Another of our popular tile options is Limpha by Casalgrande Padana,” says Jane. “Limpha is a large-format tile designed for use as a wall tile for both indoor and outdoor applications and features a photo-realistic, 3D printed surface that draws inspiration from climbing plants. Limpha is manufactured from bioactive ceramics, which means it features antibacterial, self-cleaning and pollution-reducing properties, making it ideal for external use.”

With an extensive range of tile options on hand and endless options to order, Bello Casa is sure to have a solution designed to suit your needs and one that complements the timber flooring options also represented.

“Our timber flooring solutions—available in a range of timbers—offer the highest performance ratings and we stock a variety of sizes and types to suit any architectural style. We are very focused on creating the healthiest living environments possible, so, like our tiles, all of our timber flooring products have been chosen for their inherent antimicrobial properties, which means you can do away with the harsh chemicals for cleaning thus ensuring a healthful home,” says Michael.

Learn more about next-generation porcelain tiles and which would be ideal for your project.

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