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Illuminating Retail Spaces

Illuminating Retail Spaces

Words by Lighting Solutions

The era of Covid has us shut away forcing some of us to become self-proclaimed baking experts or home DIY master renovators yet again, and a lot of us have given to fulfilling our shopping obsession to “add to cart” and “proceed to checkout”.

It goes without saying that the feeling of entering a real store, the therapeutic shopping experience, is something that many of us are missing. Being able to touch a product, feel its texture between our fingers and its weight in our hands, gives us confidence and undeniable satisfaction.

The moments we step inside a shop give us an experience that is far deeper than a simple click – So how does lighting play apart in this?

From the ethereal and white feel of Apple stores that incorporates bright and shadow-free lighting to a showroom of vintage motorcycles with dark tones and fifty shades of leather to reach the hearts of even the toughest characters. Lighting speaks the language of emotions, when used correctly it can transform a mere passer-byer into a potential customer simply by getting them over the threshold.

A shop can be a very complex environment, in which customer areas, paths, product shelve, changing rooms and checkouts can all be in very close proximity. Effective lighting can help us not only to characterize each of these zones but also to create utilization hierarchies able to direct a customer’s eye and lead them around the environment in a spontaneous manner, take them on a journey of discovery.

We approach a shop with the idea of applying light exactly where it’s needed: we know that lighting a place doesn’t mean flooding it with light.
Skintopia Commercial Bay – Design principles for the space is creating a calm and serene space using natural, glowing, and translucent materials. Products are displayed in a beautiful yet unobtrusive way that’s complimented by the warm and soft lighting.

At Lighting Solutions, we understand every project is different and in theory, there are an infinite number of solutions, so it is our job to find a solution that fits into the hierarchical spatial concept. We work with designers to understand the brand value when creating the setting, then use specific light fittings to highlight the element of enticement. We consider how lighting can be used to increase the impression of depth for a smaller space and use versatile lighting for spaces that may require regular reconfiguration.

We strongly believe that a considered design for a retail space is a worthy investment. The perception of quality and price start from the way material is displayed and illuminated. By creating a friendly, warm and correctly illuminated shelving system, you increase the possibility to sell the items sitting on top.

At Lighting Solutions we do not promote a specific lighting product or brand, we focus on how to bring life into a space, how to compliment the activities that will be take place there, and how we can use lighting to improve customer experience.

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