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Local makes lighting easy

Local makes lighting easy

The launch of Bright Light’s new Highline 05 luminaire just as New Zealand emerged from the Alert Level 4 Lockdown could not have been more perfectly timed.

Words by ArchiPro Editorial Team

While travel restrictions remain in place, companies with imported lighting products simply can’t guarantee delivery times as they face ongoing uncertainty around scheduled arrivals of flights and ships into New Zealand.

Bright Light director David Powley says, “Because the Highline 05 luminaire is all New Zealand-made and 100 per cent constructed here in Auckland, we offer a standard one to two weeks’ turnaround.

“It’s much more efficient than buying from overseas. That’s of huge benefit to customers and we’re very happy to be able to support the local industry from here with this innovative LED product.”

The sleek and stylish, fully dimmable, linear LED lighting solution has several other unique benefits that make it hugely appealing to specifiers and consumers.

Available in White, Black and Silver Anodised, the Highline 05 luminaire can be suspended as a pendant or surface mounted.

Customisable to your size requirements

Unlike most imported products from Europe and China, which usually come in standard lengths, the Highline 05 can be cut to any length and has customisable options which enable it to suit any application.

That could have made pricing tricky. But Bright Light have come up with an easy solution by creating a simple pricing structure with costs that fit within a range. For example, if the light is 1 to 2 metres long, customers can choose any size within that for just one set price.

Various colours are available to complement the customer’s furnishings and decor. Generally, Bright Light has the popular black or white powder coat version and silver anodised aluminium in stock and so they’re ready to go. But they can produce custom colours as an extra option as well.

The aluminium product is carefully crafted for a neat, polished look all over. Push on aluminium end caps ensure no screws show at the ends, and it has a sandblasted finish on the sides.

The LED ribbon is available in light temperatures of either warm white 3000K to create a cosy feel or natural white 4000K which provides a crisp, bright workspace.

With the silver anodised finish, the result is a sleek, contemporary luminaire suited to a range of applications.

Designed and made in New Zealand for use around the world

Inside the luminaire, the prismatic diffuser cuts down on glare which gives the space a nice soft light. You can also select whether you have a downlight only, which is popular, but they also give the option of both up and downlighting. Running two circuits means you can turn the downlight off and dim the lights independently as well.

The light can either be suspended as a pendant or surface mounted.

Says David: “It’s a very universal offer. It has a lot of features but it allows you to have a custom size at the same time. And because it’s made in New Zealand, servicing and any kind of support is local and that’s nationwide. They are available through any lighting wholesaler or retailer and Bright Light stands by the five-year warranty as it does with all its products.”

Bright Light was established 15 years ago and has a long history in the LED luminaire industry. In that time, David says the LED market has matured.

“It’s now down to how we can use LEDs in different ways. The benefit of being energy efficient is obvious, but also now LEDs can be made very small and so can be used in smaller fittings and more interesting profiles.

“You can create different shapes that you couldn’t do with traditional larger format products. We like to explore and experiment with them in different ways to keep them interesting. That’s what we’re very good at. Our business is about changing and giving the market new ideas and innovations.”

Rather than simply putting a light source in a room, Bright Light complement spaces with aesthetically pleasing lights designed as architectural pieces.

Learn more about incorporting LED lighting into your next project.

The Highline 05 luminaire can be supplied in three different height profiles and to any length.
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