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9 Matching Colours for a Daily Art Form

9 Matching Colours for a Daily Art Form

Words by Franklins

Introducing Valdama Acquerello, a two-colored washbasin designed by Prospero Rasulo. Acquerello presents a sophisticated and intriguing play on standard basin designs, making it possible to customise the colour combination of the washbasin and draincover.

Acquerello’s customisable nature means it can have either a monochrome or two-tone finish. Mix and match the vibrant range of nine Acquerello finishes to create a personalised and distinctive statement-piece for your bathroom!

Valdama is known for its elite craftsmanship and innovative design flair. Like all Valdama products, the Acquerello collection is designed and handcrafted in Italy over a traditional 10 day process. Each piece is followed throughout its creation phase, from the modelling process to the choosing of the item, under the supervision of qualified and certified individuals.

Franklins offers Acquerello in nine unique finishes:

Find out more about Valdama here.

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