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A Transformation Of Space & Lives

A Transformation Of Space & Lives

Transforming spaces into functional and aesthetically appealing environments is what we do every day, but it’s only once we’ve completed the fit-out and the patients and your staff are interacting with the spaces, that the effects of the transformation can be witnessed. It is through these transformations of spaces that we help transform the lives of those caring and being cared for.

Words by Archer Concepts

With over 40 years of experience providing specialised furniture and complete fitout solutions to a range of clients across the care sector, the team at Archer Medical have an extensive understanding of the day-to-day requirements and experiences of those working in and visiting clinics, hospitals, surgeries, or other healthcare facilities.

One way we deliver the best possible experience and care to their patients with safe and functional spaces, is by supplying specialised furniture. Each piece is designed in detail to improve the quality of life of patients with extra care taken to ensure each piece is beneficial for both patient and carer.

For example, our furniture is designed to have a positive impact on medical appointments and extended stays, adding comfort and functionality to many of the furniture and equipment used across medical care. Allowing for better positioning, the experience is more comfortable and simpler for both the patient and medical professional. Many pieces have additional functional features to aid with comfort, accessibility and including tilt saddle chairs with a moulded seat for optimum comfort, recliners with multiple movement functions including movable arms and pressure-relieving points, waterproof fabrics and vinyls to aid with cleanliness, higher chairs for easy entry and exit, and electric, hydraulic, and manual lift mechanism options.

One example is our fitout of furniture at the modern Caring Clinic Doctors professional primary healthcare facility, which offers a full range of medical services. Calming hues of powder blue and off whites teamed with natural oak timbers were selected to work together to create a relaxing atmosphere for what can often be a stressful and busy place to be. Some of the furniture included our exclusive range of Medistar Fixed Height Treatment tables and Medistar Electric Height Tables – both being low in height allowing for easy ingress by patients and the couch can be effortlessly raised to a comfortable height for the caregiver. A range of bespoke furniture was also selected including oak timber table for social collaboration zones, built-in cabinetry with special lighting was chosen to complete the fitout of the facility.

Furthermore, our interior designers produce layout solutions to remedy existing pain points and ensure every detail of the new fitout is functional and practical. The result? A space that is easier for better for your patients and smarter for your business.

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