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Addressing the 4 main concerns going into a build from the start

Addressing the 4 main concerns going into a build from the start

I’ve worked on a large amount of Building Projects in my over 15 years of experience in the building trade. My team and I got together and discussed all the projects we had worked on, and with our combined experiences we came up with the top four concerns that others we have built for have had going into the process. You’ll see below each concern, and how we overcome those – giving you the ultimate confidence in the entire process.

Words by Ferguson Builders

Concern #1 Will I be communicated with and kept in the loop?

We understand that this is your home, your vision, your investment…this is all about YOU and we promise to honour that. We hear so many stories about builders taking the money from their client and the client not hearing from them again until they chase them up. This won’t happen with Ferguson Builders. We ensure this because we have a team specifically allocated to the job of…keeping YOU in the loop.

We use an awesome project management software that allows us to communicate with you easily on a weekly basis, sending updates of site progress, updating you on where your budget is at, and it also communicates any variations that you request, so that anything and everything communicated is in one place for us all to keep track of easily.

Concern #2 Will the build time and budget blow out?

Easily the most common and frustrating experience you hear out there about building your own home is that the time always runs over and the budget always blows out. This very simply does not need to be and should not be the case.

Ferguson Builders ensure this doesn’t happen by planning properly from the outset.

We employ the services of an in-house qualified Quantity Surveyor to ensure that our time frames and budgets that we provide in the first place are as accurate as they can be. For this same reason, we won’t compete on price. If a builder is competing on price, the quote the provide will show a short timeframe and low budget, so that they can win the job. The problem with this is that then throughout the build, things keep ‘popping up’ that cost more and add time onto the build… this is where the problem begins and how things get out of control.

The combined experience of Rob as the builder and Richard as the QS means that we can:

-offer an accurate and fair timeframe that we can adhere to

-offer a competitive, honest and transparent budget that can be stuck to

thus ensuring the whole experience is more enjoyable for you and that what we deliver at the end is what we have promised you at the beginning.

Concern #3 How will I know if I can trust my builder and his team?

We understand and are very conscious of the fact that this is one of the biggest investments most people make in their life, and for that, you need to have a relationship with your builder based on trust. You need to know that you can trust us to deliver the beautiful home that you deserve and that we promise to right from our first meeting. To ascertain this trust, we at Ferguson Builders really open ourselves and our family up to you so that you are able to get to know us, get to know our values and our goals, get to understand our ‘why’ we do this and get to know who we genuinely really are so that you can decide for yourself if we are the right fit for you and your family to make this investment with.

Ferguson Builders are a family business, myself and my wife Mel Ferguson started and run this business together, our staff are members of our extended family and the kids certainly see them this way too. We guide our company values and ethos from our own family values and share these with our team, and our children often get to know the clients almost as well as we do through the build process because of the relationship we value so much between ourselves and our clients.

Check us out on Instagram under @ferg_build for an honest and real account of our day to day happenings, get to know our family and our team on here and see the progress of our current work. You can also get to know us on Facebook and or get in touch by email or phone any time.

Concern #4 How do I know you are doing the best job?

Our experienced home builders are dedicated to the highest quality workmanship. We provide the ultimate quality within budget and on time, taking great pride in each individual project.

The Master Builders brand is recognised nationwide as the hallmark of quality, your independent assurance that the team at Ferguson Builders are qualified and experienced builders who take pride in the quality of their workmanship.

We are Licenced Building Practitioners assessed as competent to carry out building work essential to the structure or weather-tightness of residential buildings.

We build award-winning homes:

Ferguson Builders were awarded a Bronze Award in the prestigious Master Builders Southern Region House of the Year 2019 awards, giving recognition for workmanship and quality in our build.

Our ‘Twin Peaks’ home build won a Residential New Home between 150m2 and 300m2 Architectural Design Award at the Architectural Design New Zealand Awards 2019.

We produce work far above the industry standard, which is recognised in our bronze award received.

We have experience working for some of the most well-known and trusted home builders around including Mike Greer, Stonewood, Landmark, GJ Gardener and Mainco. This experience has shaped who we are today.

Even if you discover that we are not the right match for you and your build, these are important points to consider when you are selecting your builder, so ask the questions and make sure they have answers that please what you are after.

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