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All About Roofing Profiles

All About Roofing Profiles


When you choose COLORSTEEL® you’ll never be left short of options.

With a wide variety of distinct profiles to match the look of almost any home or commercial structure and a large range of colours to choose from, you can have almost anything you want, any way you want it.

Colour has always been a key driver in the decision-making process, but increasingly building owners are placing a greater emphasis on the material profile to drive their individual aesthetic vision.

Designing the roof is one of the most important decisions you will make in the lifetime of the building and is a big part of the external aesthetics of your project. Roofing profiles (which means the shape of the metal sheet) can be divided into three categories: Corrugate, Trapezoidal and Tray.

Corrugate profiles have been a widely-used fixture on New Zealand roofs for generations. Its symmetrical, wave-like patterns lend a softened visual aspect to the crowning glory of many thousands of homes and tends to suit a range of home designs, making it a firm COLORSTEEL® favourite.

Trapezoidal profiles are generally sharper and more modernistic in their look, with crisp, clean lines creating a very bold and distinctive impression.

Tray profiles are noticeably sleek and are often favoured by those intent on designing very contemporary-styled homes. Tray profiles are more specialised in their installation.

In more recent times, there’s a clear design appetite for greater variety and crisper looking profiles like Trapezoidal and Tray. Certainly architects, by their very nature, are often activated by departures from the everyday norm. But there are also many homeowners whose tastes tend towards the more distinctive end of the spectrum.

That said, despite the extended range on offer, many new-builds and re-roofs still feature classic corrugated steel. The corrugated profile is a timeless classic. This is a ringing endorsement of the corrugate profiles ability to blend with a spectrum of architectural styles, its strong value for money and, of course its outstanding performance in a variety of climatic zones.

The other profile options perform just as exceptionally as corrugated steel. So it's worth noting, that your profile decision will mainly be based on the lasting visual impression you’re looking for. Corrugate, trapezoidal and tray profile types are available nationwide but it pays to check just how quickly you’ll be able to access your preferred option in order to line up with your construction schedule. Your rollformer, roofing installer or builder are the best people to talk to. Find a local supplier or installer near you here.

Finding a profile that’s all you

To help make your decision a better informed one, here are a few things to factor in.

  1. The pitch of your roof. The pitch of a roof relates to its steepness. The pitch of a roof can often dictate whether certain roofing profiles can be used or not. For most builds, you generally won't face any restrictions on what profile you can have, but if you have a particularly steep roof and if, for example, corrugate is ruled out, talk to your roofer about your alternatives first. If you’ve got the right tradesperson on the job, you’ll find their assistance and experience invaluable.
  2. Your roofing budget. Some roofing profiles are easier to install than others and thus, are a little more cost-effective. Formulate a very clear idea of how much money you are happy to commit before you consult with the professionals for what will work for your budget and your design aspirations. Most roofing manufacturers and installers are only too happy to visit any site and provide a detailed quote. Gaining detailed quotes is a must with any roofing project.
  3. The look you like. Rest assured, when you choose a roof manufactured with COLORSTEEL®, you’re buying something that will last a long time. It pays to think long and hard about the style of roof you choose and to do your homework. To see a selection of different profiles in action, check out our Roof Visualiser tool to help make up your mind.
  4. Make sure its genuine COLORSTEEL®, backed with robust warranties. Backed by NZ Steel®, COLORSTEEL® warranties are robust. Provided that the conditions of our warranties are complied with, you can be confident that in the unlikely event that anything goes awry, you will be covered. Be sure to ask your supplier for your Genuine COLORSTEEL® warranty.

With these checks in mind, you can approach your roofing decision with confidence. The professionals - rollformers, installers, architects, builders - are almost always happy to help you make a thoroughly informed choice. Tap into their knowledge base to help make the best decision for you. All in all, the choice is yours and the possibilities are almost endless. With COLORSTEEL® there's an option to suit any look you’re trying to achieve.

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