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Armando Vicario: Rubinetterie Made in Italy

Armando Vicario: Rubinetterie Made in Italy

Words by Franklins

Armando Vicario, situated in Northern Italy, close to the magnificent Lake Orta, is a family owned and run company. It was founded in 1974 to produce outstanding kitchen tapware, but over time, its production was extended to a full bathroom programme. A new path was created, characterised by outstanding results and entrepreneurial challenges aimed at making the products more innovative and exclusive.

Armando Vicario have been working for over forty years in the taps sector with professionalism and experience in the constant commitment to produce high quality taps, with a modern design and a sure recognition as made in Italy products.

Armando Vicario produces high quality tapware in a wide range of finishes and different colours. Franklins stock 10 of these finishes, enabling you to make a bold statement in your bathroom and kitchen.

A complete range of kitchen mixers to satisfy every need thanks to a variety of shapes, functions and intended uses: from a user friendly, family kitchen to an architectural designer kitchen.

A wide range of traditional faucets, satisfying every bathroom requirement in terms of style and functionality. The bathroom range from Armando Vicario offers a range of sophisticated, minimal and elegant tapware solutions.

A collection of unique and funky shower space solutions to complete your bathroom vision meeting all your needs about space, functionality and design.

See our Armando Vicario product range here.

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