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Bathroom renovation photos can be a great way for you to envision what your space looks like. Not everyone is a bathroom designer which makes it harder for us to imagine what a bathroom would look like after it has been upgraded. Bathroom and Kitchen renovations are the most popular type of home renovations in Auckland.

You can get bathroom design ideas on Pinterest or Instagram but replicating the exact bathroom is often not feasible. It is also good to remember that bathroom renovation photos on social media website are often tweaked and have a filter on them.

In this article we have put together a portfolio of bathrooms that we have renovated in Auckland.

We will discuss the following three things:

  • Bathroom renovation photos for renovated bathrooms in Auckland
  • Case studies of real client stories in Auckland and links to their bathroom specification pages
  • Importance of renovating bathrooms in old homes of Auckland
  • Before and After bathroom renovation photos

Featured Bathroom renovation Photos

We have renovated over 400 bathrooms in Auckland in just the last 3 years. This does not include just minor alterations but full bathroom renovations. We have included few bathroom renovation projects in this article. We provide a full bathroom renovation service for all our bathroom renovations. This would include a full design process, consent process if required, demolition, supplying of all fixtures & flooring from our supplier showrooms, installation, project manager to oversee the renovation and manage all trades like plumbers, electricians etc which we provide. The bathroom renovation photos below of are from some of our featured projects.

#1 Bathroom renovation photos from Epsom, Auckland

Our clients renovated their historic Epsom Bungalow to add some modern features to add comfort and convenience. Their guest ensuite was fully renovated to include a modern tiled wet area, bathtub, new vanity, toilet and LED sink.

Readfull bathroom renovation specifications

bathroom renovation

#2 Bathroom Renovation in West Harbour

We fully renovated a toilet and a separate bathroom for our clients in West Harbour. The old bathroom and toilet had started looking shabby and needed a fresh look. As the space was relatively small, we decided to use white fixtures to make it look more spacious. Our clients did want an artistic flair so we included darker tiles for contrast.

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#3 Bathroom Renovation photos from Todd Chandler’s home

Todd bought a property in St Heliers in order to renovate before selling. Todd’s priority was for us to renovate and repair 3 leaky and shabby bathrooms to give them a contemporary look.

Read See project specs + all bathroom renovation photos for Todd’s renovation

Todd's bathroom renovation photos from his home renovation in St Heliers
Todd's second bathroom

#4 Bathroom Renovation in Parnell

This townhouse was centrally located in Parnell village. The space within the townhouse however was not used well to maximise functionality. Hence we carried out a full townhouse renovation including two bathrooms on the second floor. The theme that the client wanted was modern urban luxury.

ReadSee project specs + all bathroom renovation photos for this renovation in Parnell

#5 Bathroom renovation photos from Avondale

This was a 2 storey old house in Avondale which we fully renovated to accommodate a 3 generational family. We renovated two bathrooms and created a bathroom in an empty space. This renovation required consent which we handled along with the renovation.

ReadSee project specs + all renovation photos for this project

#6 Linda's Bathroom Renovation in Cockle Bay

Linda is one of our finance specialists who helps our clients with finance options. Linda has been working with our clients more about 2 years and renovated her 2 decks along with a bathroom with us. 

Read — See full bathroom specs + all bathroom renovation photos for this project

#7 Mary Stuart’s Bathroom renovation in Stanmore Bay

This was a real fun renovation for us as it was very unique as compare to other bathroom we had renovated. We used bold colours, mosaic tiles, brass fixtures and a Spanish style to renovate the bathroom.

ReadSee this project’s full specs + all bathroom renovation photos

#8 Bathroom Renovation in West Harbour

This was a big renovation project that we carried out in West Harbour. This family of 8 moved out during the renovation process as the entire house was renovated internally and externally.

#9 Gary’s Bathroom renovation photos from Ellerslie

Gary and his partner renovated the entire house to make it more functional and to their taste. Their separate toilet and bathroom were combined together to make an ensuite. They wanted a spa like feel for their bathroom and hence went for a standalone bathtub and bowl shaped sinks.

ReadSee full specs + all bathroom renovation photos for Gary’s bathroom renovation

#10 Bathroom renovation in Papatoetoe

Our clients have two young children and had only one en-suite between them. This was becoming very inconvenient for the family, so they decided to build another toilet with the space that they had. The design and materials used during this renovation were chosen keeping easy maintenance and convenience in mind.

ReadSee full bathroom specs + all bathroom renovation photos for this project

How much would it cost to renovate a bathroom?

Did you know renovating a bathroom is the most complex renovation of them all? it may sound like a small project considering the space involved but reason why it’s the most complex is because it involves the most people to get it done. Communication and coordination with a skilled team is key to renovating a bathroom successfully. It involves a high level of coordination/communication with a number of suppliers, waterpoofer, electrician, tilers, installers, painters/plasterers, plumbers, demolition team, and Auckland Council.

There are several factors that can affect the budget of your bathroom renovation. The top 5 things that affect the cost of a bathroom are as follows:

  1. Size of your bathroom
  2. Repairing of any damage
  3. Structural change and council related works
  4. Materials and supplies used
  5. Labour and Project Management.

As a company we provide a full renovation service for bathrooms which means that your proposal would include all materials, fixtures, labour, project management, repair work and council fees.

On an average a bathroom renovation without any council related work will start from $19,000. This type of bathroom renovation would use our mid-range products while more luxury bathrooms would cost anywhere above $27,000.

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Before and After Bathroom renovation photos

11.Bathroom Renovation in Stanmore Bay

Mary Stuart had a clear vision for her kitchen and bathroom renovation when she contacted us. She wanted her house to resemble a Spanish Villa complete with bright warm colours, mosaic tiles, brass sinks and tapware.

ReadMary Stuart’s bathroom renovation specifications

BEFORE we renovated the bathroom
After we renovated the bathroom after a Spanish theme
After we renovated the bathroom - Floor to ceiling shower

12.Bathroom Renovation in Hillsborough

Our client bought this investment property to generate additional weekly income. The house however was fetching minimal rent as it was old and shabby. Our client fully renovated the house in order to increase their rental yield.

ReadFull bathroom renovation specification for this Investment property in Hillsborough

BEFORE we renovated this bathroom in Hillsborough
AFTER we renovated the bathroom

13. Amber and Craig’s Bathroom Renovation in Hillsborough

Amber and Craig were deciding whether they should sell and buy a new house or renovate the existing house. They decided to renovate the existing house. Below are the pictures of their 3 bathrooms that we renovated.

Read — Amber and Craig’s bathroom renovation specs

BEFORE we renovated the bathroom
AFTER we renovated the bathroom
BEFORE we renovated the 2nd bathroom
AFTER we renovated the 2nd Bathroom
AFTER we renovated the 2nd bathroom
BEFORE we renovated the toilet
AFTER we renovated the toilet

14.Bathroom renovation in West Harbour

This full home renovation included a renovation of 4 bathrooms suited for different members of the family.

BEFORE we renovated an ensuite
AFTER we renovated an ensuite
BEFORE we renovated the guest Ensuite
AFTER we renovated the guest Ensuite

15. Joanna and Steve’s bathroom renovation in Greenlane

 Joanna and Steve renovated their Greenlane property to make it more modern as all their previous homes. We put a toilet in their existing bathroom and renovated the entire thing. We also renovated their standalone toilet. 

Read — Full specifications for Joanna and Steve’s bathroom renovation in Greenlane

BEFORE we renovated Joanna and Steve's bathroom
AFTER we renovated Joanna and Steve's bathroom
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