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Beautiful, Compact, Functional - TECEone

Beautiful, Compact, Functional - TECEone

TECE is a family-operated German company focused on producing products tailored to meet the needs of their customers. TECE aims to revolutionise the aesthetics and usability of the bathroom environment through innovation and customer-oriented design.

Words by Franklins

Today, hygiene and health is more important than ever before. TECEone is an innovative shower toilet that provides a higher level of comfort and cleanliness through uncomplicated technology and user-friendly design. With hygiene and cleanliness at the core of TECEone’s design, the health and wellbeing of the end user is of prime importance.

The TECEone shower toilet has been designed to accommodate flexibility and intuitive operation. With water flow and temperature regulators mounted on either side of the ceramic bowl, users can tailor the properties of the shower toilet to suit their own preferences.

In addition to the user’s comfort and standard of living, the TECEone has been designed to meet the demands of planners, architects, fitters and operators. The compact design is as economical on space as a regular toilet and ensures efficient, secure and simple installation. TECEone functions without electricity therefore eliminating any complicated electronics, high costs and expansive dimensions. Maintenance is made simple with a rimless ceramic bowl which is easy to clean. TECEone also includes a self-cleaning shower arm and fully automatic rinsing before and after each use.

TECEone is also beautifully designed in terms of aesthetics. With a timeless and elegant look, the shower toilet blends seamlessly into any bathroom.

The TECEone brings greater functionality to the bathroom without the expense of design. Through innovation and intelligent technology, TECE presents new solutions to the needs of their customers.

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