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Biolytix Wastewater System in New Zealand Continues

Biolytix Wastewater System in New Zealand Continues

When the award winning Australian onsite wastewater system Biolytix announced it shock liquidation in January this year, the recently appointed General Manager of Biolytix in New Zealand, Karl Geiseler, wondered what this would mean for New Zealand. Karl knew there was still a huge demand for the Biolytix wastewater system and that there were hundreds of happy customers here.

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Biolytix went into voluntary liquidation only two months into Karl’s tenure. Being 100% owned by the Australian head office, Biolytix Water New Zealand was then wound down as the liquidators tried to recover what they could.

Uncertainty quickly turned into opportunity, as Karl and the owners of Ecogent, a long standing Environmental Engineering business in New Zealand, made an offer to the liquidators for the intellectual property and the rights to manufacture here. This was accepted and Biolytix Limited, was established to continue supplying Biolytix wastewater systems in New Zealand. “What I find most satisfying is that we were able to supply a Biolytix system to all New Zealanders who had paid a deposit”. Says Karl.

To get things running the production team trained under the guidance of the Biolytix inventor in Queensland in the manufacture, installation and servicing of the Bio-Pods. “We’ve taken what was already one of the most efficient onsite wastewater products on the market and slashed its carbon footprint even further by not having to freight them from Australia” says Karl.

The Biolytix onsite wastewater system is housed in a single 3000 litre injection moulded polypropylene tank making it one of the most compact wastewater systems on the market. It works as a filter bed immediately separating the solid organic matter from the liquid in domestic wastewater. Worm and other organisms breakdown the organic matter and the resulting vermicompost creates an organic filter which further cleanses the wastewater that percolates through it. The filter bed is maintained in an aerobic condition and no odours are generated, without noise and very little electricity consumed in the process.

The result is a consistently high quality secondary treated effluent. The Biolytix system was trialled at the OSET testing facility. Treated effluent from the trial unit comfortably met secondary treated levels with the appraisal report noting that the Biolytix “used as little as 5% or less of the electricity of some other systems measured”.

The process is easily scalable to cater to larger volumes for multiple houses or commercial projects and can be adapted to a decentralised concept for subdivisions with a unit at each property pumping via a small bore pressure sewer network to communal land dispersal systems.

“We want to focus on the basics – on supplying and supporting what we know is an excellent product. We are committed to continuing the Biolytix vision to have the most environmentally friendly and sustainable onsite wastewater treatment system”. Karl says.

To find out more visit their website, call them on 0800 700 818 or email

Biowater: Enviromentally Superior Decentralised Waterwater Network

  • Capital cost 40 – 50% of convectional sewage reticulation.
  • 90% less energy than typical on-site treatment system.
  • Small diameter network pipes.
  • Lower installation costs.
  • Treated effluent transfer.
  • Flexible incremental growth.
  • Low public health risk.
  • Optional effluent use – on – lot or collective use.
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