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As Kiwis, we have a special lifestyle: our focus on the outdoors and closeness to nature is evolving into a distinctive New Zealand architecture...

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As Kiwis, we have a special lifestyle: our focus on the outdoors and closeness to nature is evolving into a distinctive New Zealand architecture. Our designs incorporate and embody our relationships with our surroundings and bring a sense of place. The way we design our homes to incorporate our surrounds has become the benchmark of contemporary residential design

In fact, it’s a notion that defines every room of the home, and,  Heirloom’s Graham Rea says, With this, there is a goal for the home to be lifestyle focused to create a  space where we are at ease.  This has influenced bathroom design and the bathroom is now expected to be more than a  functional private space. New Zealanders are wanting a  more sensory and tactile experience.

“People are wanting to create more of a spa-like retreat experience in the bathroom.  New Zealand design and décor has evolved and the bathroom utilises colour, texture and form to deliver the more spa-like retreat experience," Graham says.

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"Today's trends are increasingly finding inspiration in colours and textures that are more muted and have a palate that builds a connection with our natural environment. Being a New Zealand company means we are well positioned to stay close to these trends, which are key drivers to provide the inspiration and insight for Heirloom when developing new products.


“What people are doing when they design outdoor living areas with barbeques and courtyards is creating an experience, in exactly the same way people are doing this in the bathroom.

For Graham, who has specialised in front-of-wall bathroomware for years, closely following global trends, he says the New Zealand market is a sophisticated one. “The New Zealand consumer is very knowledgeable, and one that understands the market. This is linked to the success of New Zealand designers and innovators in the sector around the world, and flows through to the consumer.

“One of our focuses is to track world design trends, from which we select and adapt products for the New Zealand style palate,” Graham says. “Black is currently the most mainstream of these new trends and marked the start of a move towards new colours and textures beyond traditional chrome finishes.”

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Heirloom designs and manufactures a portion of its products in New Zealand, and works collaboratively with global manufacturers to develop products designed for the discerning New Zealand consumer, specialising in accessories, heated towel warmers, toilets and basins, and accessible products.

All Heirloom’s products carry the Heirloom name, which allows the company’s design team to put together ranges specifically suited to New Zealand, and adapt products to create uniquely Kiwi solutions.

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