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Bringing a new architectural aesthetic to traditional door hardware materials

Bringing a new architectural aesthetic to traditional door hardware materials

A creative interplay between traditions and materials meets when Halliday + Baillie’s principle of modern design is applied to a material used more often in traditional styles.

Words by ArchiPro Editorial Team

Halliday + Baillie has established itself as a preeminent supplier of hardware around the world with its modern, clean aesthetic; so much so that the company is recognised as having one of the largest sliding door ranges worldwide.

“We’ve consistently looked to innovate and evolve,” says Tiffiny Hodgson, Co-Director of Halliday + Baillie. “It’s how we started—Marcus [Halliday, Founder and Co-Director] initially imported products that he saw filled the need for a modern design approach, but even then, there were gaps. So, in typical Kiwi fashion, he decided to make them himself.”

“We’ve predominantly cast our products using zinc. It’s already a durable product, but then we use an incredibly rigorous process that adds up to seven or eight layers of different finishes—copper, nickel, chrome, interspersed with brushing, polishing and linishing—to create the final patina and the completed item,” says Tiffiny.

The new range from Halliday + Baillie features soft, rounded ends and a pared-back aesthetic.

Halliday + Baillie: applying design ethos to a new brass hardware range

“Now we’re moving to take the same pared-back aesthetic present in our existing flush pull range, but mill the handles from solid brass, with soft rounded ends; so, we’re moving into a traditional metal with our modern design ethos.

“These are designed for those wanting a more organic shape to their hardware, as well as to complement and expand our existing range into new directions,” says Tiffiny.

Halliday + Baillie is renowned for the quality, flair, functionality, and longevity of its products, which are proudly produced in New Zealand where lower volumes enable careful monitoring, with a correspondingly high production quality. Handles may be turned a thousand times a day. Materials and finish are amongst the highest priorities in producing items where the quality is tangible.

“Yes, we’re deepening the range,” Tiffiny says. “We’re pushing the envelope to have the largest range of flush pulls and working to stay ahead. There are not many with the range of colours and styles we offer and we continue to expand that so our customers have more choice but can still have confidence with the quality of fittings they’re using for their homes or commercial projects.”

“Plus, the extensive range we offer means we can cater for every door in the house—from front to back door and every door type throughout the project, so customers can have a consistent look and feel right through their home.”

Longevity has become the undisputed hallmark of our success.
The new door pulls can be mounted to sit flush with the door face or teamed with a low-profile rose.

Halliday + Baillie: international demands ensures confidence in quality for locals

“The US is a larger market for us than Europe and has a tradition of importing products that meet their needs. However, the look and feel of US-made products often follows a more ‘traditional’ design, so we’ve slotted into a niche, focusing on the East and West Coasts where there’s a greater demand for our contemporary look,” says Tiffiny.

“While our regular ‘square edged’ clean, modern approach is still our core, the new brass line is a little more curved—still clean, classic lines, but with a ‘soft edge’, so we’re moving towards a ‘transitional look’—contemporary still but with traditional echoes. And they’re beautiful, of course!”

The US is also a highly demanding market and very litigious, which requires a high level of vigilance.

“Our products have to meet the highest standards. Our finished products have a tolerance of just 0.1mm—we have to be in the top echelon of quality and function, and we deliver that same quality to the New Zealand market.”

Halliday + Baillie offers handles and fittings made from zinc, brass, bronze, stainless steel and aluminium—210 products across 13 finishes. They have a drive to keep innovating and moving forward with the best of what works and that drive for quality has seen them complete not just high end residential projects, but flagship commercial and hospitality work including the hardware for Raffles Singapore 2018 refurbishment, as well as the Fullerton Hong Kong last year and, they have just completed the JW Marriot in Qatar.

Learn more about the innovative handles, pulls and fittings available for your next commercial and/or residential project.

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