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Building your bathroom with mood boards

Building your bathroom with mood boards

Words by Franklins

There are a wide array of options when it comes to bathroom design, the world is your oyster. When considered well colours, textures and shapes can define a space creating a certain atmosphere. When planning a new bathroom or a renovation it is important to consider how your products, the tapware, basins, showers, tiles, vanity and toilets will fit together in your bathroom, what space will they create?

The Neutral Bathroom

Choosing neutral materials for your bathroom can keep the space light and fresh. There are so many opportunities to introduce texture, adding depth to the bathroom without using bold colours.

Tapware: there are plenty beautiful finishes for taps to choose from. In this case brushed nickel basin taps, shower, and toilet flush plates work together adding a subtle texture to the bathroom. The soft colouring of the fitting’s material picks up on the undertones of other materials in a neutral bathroom

Bold with Black and White

White bathrooms with black tapware are working there way up to be a new classic. The contrast in colours can make your bathroom feel light and most importantly clean. The choices for your black and white bathroom are growing, with the rise of black tapware’s popularity more styles and finishes are available in a greater variety of products. Be different with black chrome tapware, be bold with a black toilet, bidet or basin. Black and white is such a versatile colour scheme you can accessorize with whatever you like, plants always liven up the space.

Copper Copper Copper

There is something beautiful about exposed copper pipes. You can be so creative with them when you talk to the right plumber. Copper pipe towel rails are a great efficient way to warm your towels as you use hot water for your bath or shower. Pair your exposed copper pipes with natural brass taps that has a live finish and changes colour as you interact with it.

The Light and Natural Bathroom

There is nothing better than a light clean bathroom. They are the trump card that will look incredible in any house and will stay in fashion. Introduce contrast with natural wood vanities and classic white toilets, baths and basins. This timeless paring will work with any tapware finish or bathroom accessories.

All Black Everything – Almost

Black bathrooms can create a very luxurious atmosphere. Play around with marble, wood paneling and different tiles to add depth and interest to the bathroom. A matt black shower tray will set your bathroom apart from the rest, make a statement with your bathroom fittings, take a risk with a black toilet, countertop basin, shower tray AND tapware; it will definitely pay off. With a dark room what better excuse to add some beautiful lighting, a backlit mirror is a must.

Still Lost?

The choices are endless with your bathroom design. A mood board is a visual tool that can help you narrow down your ideas at the beginning of your renovation. There are many ways to create a mood board and absolutely no rules about how to do it. It is purely about consolidating your ideas and visually communicating your vision for your bathroom.

Start off with a Pinterest board saving all your ideas in one place. Then sum it up with a collage it will be so helpful when consulting with your builder and plumber to communicate what you want to achieve. Come into a Franklins Design Studio and we will help you with your vision for your bathroom.

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