Analytics is here NZ
Analytics is here

Analytics is here

Now you can track in real time the activity and performance of your presence on ArchiPro, with our new Analytics dashboard. Track your success across our channels, and use the results to help inform your marketing and content strategy.

Words by ArchiPro
In this day and age where data is everything, ArchiPro celebrates another milestone with the launch of AP business analytics - we are now data-backed, results-driven and I couldn't be happier!

The latest offering from ArchiPro comes in the form of our Analytics dashboard. The in-depth metrics and tracking mean you can see when and how your customers are viewing your content. The data will enable you to gain insight into your audience and allow you to more easily extend your reach on our platform.

Analytics was created for businesses to better understand how to leverage their presence on ArchiPro and translate it into sales, says ArchiPro CEO Milot Zeqiri.

“In this day and age where data is everything, ArchiPro celebrates another milestone with the launch of AP business analytics - we are now data-backed, results-driven and I couldn't be happier!”

The Analytics platform changes the game when it comes to accurately measuring the flow-on effects from a single advert through to conversions elsewhere - whether that’s on the ArchiPro platform or on a business’s own website.

Key Features include:

Profile Page Performance
See your brand impressions, page views and overall conversion rate.

Digital Publication Ad Performance
Find out how many of your ads performed and the total number of views, clicks and conversions your profile page received as a result.

Facebook/Instagram Ads
Get insight into which ads are making the biggest impression and have the highest click-through rate.

Google SEO Organic Search Results
Find out the total number of brand impressions and sessions and get insight into the age of your audience.

Analytics Settings
You’re in control of your clients’ on-boarding process and purchasing options.

Get Pixel Tracker
Without Pixel Tracker, you’re essentially blind to the activity happening between your website and ArchiPro’s platform. It enables you to follow customers as they browse our platform and continue on to yours - from initial engagement through to measurable conversions. Having this data will enable you to curate a customer journey that ensures your leads are converted to sales.

At a glance you can see your key metrics including your average daily interactions; total impressions; total conversions and cost per click.

The feedback from clients who’ve sampled the new dashboard has been overwhelmingly positive. Sam from Coloursteel says the cost metrics are particularly helpful.

I love the cost per day and cost per click sections which give us an idea of how effective our marketing investment is going. With the left hand side tabs, it's giving me all the key KPIs so far.

Mitsubishi brand manager Rachel congratulates ArchiPro on the new Analytics dashboard.

We have had a great time diving in to take a look – it really is a fantastic tool, well done to you and your team!

Creating the platform was a massive undertaking

The scope of this challenge quickly became apparent as we realised the huge amount of data that was needed, and the variety of sources that needed to be interwoven. ArchiPro shifted from a traditional SQL database to a NoSQL database, to enable us to crunch the massive amount of data required.

“We needed the ability to crunch millions - soon to be billions - of anonymised data points in a single centralised platform to deliver practical and meaningful insights to each and every business who relies on ArchiPro to succeed,” says Milot.

This required us to augment our reporting infrastructure with several new Amazon Web Services platforms - including, but not limited to, Athena with S3, Firehose, DynamoDB, CDK, Lambda, and Glue.

To enable the ability to quickly deploy code across multiple AWS services in a single deployment, we adopted AWS Cloud Development Kit.

“Even with the adoption of all of these technologies, it still takes six hours every day to generate the daily data aggregations for our dashboards, which are processed from 3am to 9am each morning. But we’re confident in our ability to scale data into the future, and our focus now turns to further optimise these processing times.”

The Analytics product launched today is the culmination of more than two years of full-time development and crunches more than 20 million of our own logged events, more than 100 million impressions, thousands of Facebook data points, 3.7 million Google Analytics records serving 2,200 ArchiPro Clients.

Why should you use Analytics?

  • Gain insight into your audience and make better decisions about your marketing strategy and where to focus your ad spend
  • Understand how you can leverage your presence on ArchiPro and translate it into sales
  • Become aware of the variety of ArchiPro channels and hone in on the ones that will give you the best results


Where do I find it?

You can find Analytics in the menu on your home page, between your Profile and Company Inbox.

How much does Analytics cost?

Analytics is available, Free, for all ArchiPro clients on a Baseline, Platinum, Black, Outsourced and Excellence package.

How do I get started?

To begin using Analytics you’ll need to book a meeting with your Client Manager, who will run you through the key features.

Once you’ve completed your meeting, you’ll be able to access Analytics.

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