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Can you renovate under COVID 19 restrictions?

Can you renovate under COVID 19 restrictions?

Worried about your renovation/building plans under COVID 19 restrictions? We would be too! Check out our article around what can be built under each level of restriction and what that means for your renovation.

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Can you renovate under COVID 19 Restrictions?

Worried about how COVID 19 affects your renovation plans?

We would be too!

It's been a very unnerving and uncertain time for everyone in the world. We've all had to find new ways to stay safe and maintain some level of productivity across all sectors.

As Renovation Specialists we're here to address your concerns and reassure you at this time. In our blog, we'll cover off the main questions you no doubt have. This will clarify what you're able to build/renovate during different COVID 19 stages incl the dreaded level 4 lockdown.

We've provided green links to access official websites and gain further advice and information too, so let's get started.

Q: Can you renovate during different levels of COVID 19?

A: By ensuring we follow strict Health Ministry guidelines and rules on-site we have successfully renovated during these periods.

Q: What procedures are followed to ensure your renovation site is safe?

A: Each level of lockdown requires lesser or more intense rules around

  • Social distancing
  • Work bubbles
  • Use of contact tracing apps
  • Manual sign in
  • Designated zones for contactless deliveries
  • Mask-wearing
  • Daily wiping down of all communal surfaces
  • Frequent handwashing/use of sanitising gel
  • Site-based QR codes for scanning.

See site safe's website for on-site requirements at varying stages of lockdown.

Q: Renovating in a level 4 lockdown?

A: Level 4 is the trickiest level to navigate with obvious reasons.  However, your builder is able to apply for permission as an essential worker if you are living in the home during the renovation and; your home is left open to the elements be they cold/rain or heat. Where it is deemed unsafe to inhabit the home.

We were able to do this for our major renovation during a lockdown period to ensure our clients and their home weren't exposed to harsh winter elements. also has some great information around site requirements during lockdowns.

Q: Are there any issues with the supply of materials and trades?

A: Building always relies heavily on a highly organised site/project manager to ensure that materials are ordered well in advance.  See our which builder is best for my renovation article.  We have had no issues thus far with delays on products to the site.  Trades again need to be communicated with early and clearly to ensure that they arrive when needed.  We have very strong relationships with our trades and suppliers so have had a clear run during our projects.  There needs to be a safe place for contactless deliveries to occur.  Now more than ever it is critical to engage with an experienced, qualified and licensed building practitioner for your renovation.

Q: Can Council Inspections happen during a lockdown?

A: During level 2 and 3 inspections can take place, ensuring that the council can confirm that the site is following the above-mentioned rules to provide a safe inspection space.  Auckland Council onsite inspection guidelines are included in this article

Q: Will all builders follow these guidelines?

A: Our advice would be to take a good look at your builders quality of reviews and professionalism.  Ask them the above questions and ensure that they plan to implement the necessary safety measures outlined by the government.  Not every builder or building company is created equal so it's best not to assume.

Q: Does the COVID 19 environment make renovating more costly?

A: The only difference is a very slight increase in admin costs required for your job. With interest rates at a historical low as long as you have job security, it's a great time for lending.

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