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Charging into the future

Charging into the future

By Lyndsay McCarthy, Residential Builders Channel Manager – Schneider Electric

Words by PDL by Schneider Electric

The number of electric vehicles being driven in New Zealand is expected to increase significantly over the coming years with the Government aiming to have 64,000 electric vehicles on the road by the end of 2021. If you haven’t had to choose a charging solution or advise a customer yet, the chances are that it won’t be long.

New builds or significant renovations present the perfect opportunity to include pre-wiring to the garage or carport; delivering flexibility and value to your customers and their homes.

Beyond preparing for the increased need for charging, there are some key considerations when selecting a charging solution that will satisfy your customers for the long term and won’t cause you headaches when designing, installing or providing support.

Design excellence

Driven by the prospect of huge fuel savings and reducing environmental impact, many prospective electric vehicle owners will be focused on the car more than the charging. This will leave you to recommend the best charging solution for them.

All that’s required is a dedicated circuit from the switchboard to the garage or carport. By running the appropriate cable and using a temporary faceplate at the outlet, your customers will thank you when they later enquire about their charging options.

The best option is a fit-for-purpose charging station, supplied by a dedicated 32 amp, Type-B RCD-protected circuit such as PDL by Schneider Electric’s EVlink Wallbox and isolator range. Ensuring you choose a solution instead of a box and cable will reduce costs and make installations a breeze.

Schneider Electric says the EVlinkWallbox can charge vehicles multiple times quicker than using a normal socket, and make the whole operation safer for homeowners.

Ongoing concerns around heat produced when charging from a conventional socket outlet remain, however the EVlink Wallbox is designed to manage heat over several hours of operation providing a significantly safer charging process.

Further safety is delivered at the switchboard with installation of a necessary miniature circuit breaker (MCB) and residual current device (RCB) which are both available from Schneider as part of the EVlink charging solution. Unique to Schneider installations is the PDL undervoltage release that goes beyond conventional approaches to EV charging, further protecting your customers and their homes.

EV owners intending to charge their vehicles in a carport also face challenges. Schneider’s EVlink Wallbox is robust and weatherproof so can handle being exposed to the elements, is lockable to provide access only to the owner and includes a theft-proof power cable.

The EVlink Wallbox also introduces delayed start charging if connected to a timer, which allows homeowners to take advantage of the cheapest, off-peak power rates and prevent dramatic power bill increases.

Proven support

EV Chargers are designed to be a long-term addition to the home. You’ll have to consider ongoing support and maintenance for the charging solution you select for customers.

With a proven track record for manufacturing best-in-class products and a long history of providing industry-leading support, Schneider Electric will ensure there’s ample backup for you and your customers.

With easy access to replacement parts and spares, reliable nationwide distribution channels and industry leading technical advice and support, Schneider Electric’s EVlink Wallbox will satisfy you and you customers over many years.

The future is now

New Zealand is a recognised world leader in the production of renewable energy so it’s about time we lead the way in utilising it.

With our short average daily driving distances and ready access to renewable energy, there’s no doubt that electric vehicles are here to stay. You can play a part in making them safer and more affordable to run, by including the right wiring solution and encouraging your customers to consider installing the right equipment.

Making sure to pre-wire homes and select the best charger for long-term value will provide significant value to your customers. Choose PDL by Schneider Electric’s EVlink Wallbox and enjoy best-in-class quality, proven national support and easy access to spare parts and technical advice to make your life easier.

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