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EBSmoke Industrial Smoker System

EBSmoke Industrial Smoker System

The EBSmoke system of products, by EBSmoke AG of Switzerland, is an innovative patented technology that significantly improves the efficiency of industrial meat smoking system, reduces processing time and product weight loss, while also increasing product quality and reducing emissions by 98%.The EBSmoke system is retrofittable for any vertical flowing system and consists of three products; Ionsmoke (filtering system), EB1 (controller), and EBLuft (data acquisition software).

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Ionsmoke significantly improves the efficiency of smoke systems. With the help of Ionsmoke, all smoke can be completely used up within the system without any smoke dust particle from the process being emitted into the atmosphere, creating a clean technology for smoking meat products. With IonSmoke the smoke is electrostatically charged (ionized) with a high-voltage module and emissions are reduced by 98%. This process also speeds up the smoking process, avoids unnecessary product weight loss, and saves energy, and consequently reduces production costs. While in traditional systems smoke fills the chamber, with Ionsmoke the smoking becomes an active step and the product acts like a magnet to the smoke.


  • Up to 75% faster smoking times
  • Up to 4% more yield in product
  • Energy savings due to faster processing
  • 98% less particulate emissions
  • Retrofittable for any vertical flowing system
  • A maximum of 60W of additional energy is required (equivalent to one light bulb) taken from the existing power unit. When running power consumption is typically under 10W (equivalent to running a lightbulb)

The EB1

The EB1 Controller for meat smoking systems was launched in 2021. The control system is the newest product of a line of products developed by EBSmoke over 35 years. Up to 99 programs of 99 steps each can be programmed. The interface is so simple to use that no manual is needed. Retrofitted in 1.5 days, no matter what the brand or age of the system. Specifically designed for Ionsmoke, the EB1 is not only retrofittable for cold, warm and hot smoke systems, but is also suitable for universal systems, smoke and cooking systems, air conditioning and climate control smoke, ripening systems, cooking chambers, and pasteurisers. The EB1 controller

  • Screen with 85 degree viewing angle
  • 900 candela brightness
  • Large buttons for ease of operation even when wearing gloves
  • 4 analogue outputs 0-10V, 4-20mA; eg. for frequency converters and for dynamic heating and cooling
  • 6 x PT-100 sensor inputs for accurate temperature measurement
  • 4x 4-20 mA sensor inputs for climate and ripening rooms without smoke
  • Ready for Ionsmoke and EBLuft integration


EBLuft is our 24/7 data acquisition software. The evaluation of EBLuft is lightening fast, even when using large databases. All curves can be faded in and out individually. You can print curves or export all data to all tables. During evaluation, you can quickly recognise if a batch is different. Evaluation is live - during a running program you can already see the diagram.

  • Fully HACCP ready
  • Advanced graphing capabilities of food-processing data acquired from the controlling device
  • Automatic print-out of process log and diagram
  • Error forwarding as standard
  • Unlimited number of connected controllers
  • Unlimited saving of curves
  • Online updates
  • Monitoring of program management
  • User administration
  • Compatibility with Windows XP to Windows 11
  • SQL Server 2005 and newer (including Express)
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