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Electric Heaters With More Features!

Electric Heaters With More Features!

Even on the windiest of nights, radiant warmth will keep you toasty. Radiant heat heats objects, not the air, which makes them more efficient and effective.

Words by Aber Living

Gasmate's New Range

Gasmate's new range of electric radiant heaters is both attractive and effective! All the outdoor electric heaters are rated IP65 for outdoor use and approved to New Zealand Standards. The Hellion and Illium units can be controlled on a purpose-built app, giving you control over heat, light, and sound!

Illium Freestanding Electric Heater

The Illium Freestanding Electric Heater is a 3-in-1 unit. As a heater, it puts out an impressive 2000 watts of heat and is at full heat in less than 30 seconds. It also has a light show! The LED lights revolve through a myriad of colours, adding a bit of sparkle to your outdoors. If you'd like to keep it to just one colour, use the touch panel at the top of the heater, or use the app from your mobile phone. You can also stream music through the app to the Bluetooth speakers. Now you can set your playlist from your phone, and let your heater be the DJ! The Illium has two x 10-watt speakers and a 25-watt subwoofer for excellent sound quality.

The Illium has LED lights, Bluetooth Speakers and 2000 watts of radiant heat.

Hellion Electric Heaters

The Hellion Electric heaters come with or without speakers. These come in black and can be wall-mounted or mounted on a stand (bought separately). The heaters have 6 heat settings and can be controlled with the remote control or app. The app can control multiple heaters, so you can have more than one if required. The Hellion Electric Heater with Speakers has 2 x 5-watt Bluetooth speakers and an additional 1-watt treble speaker, so you can set your playlist and sit back and enjoy.

The Hellion Heaters come with or without Bluetooth speaker options.

Radion Electric Heater

The Radion Heater is pure power, this is ideal for commercial use and for larger outdoor areas. One Radion Heater puts out 2500 watts of heat, pushed out by a high-efficiency tungsten filament that reaches full heat in less than 30 seconds. The Radion can be wall or ceiling mounted or can be mounted on a stand (sold separately).

The Radion Heater puts out a staggering 2500 watts of radiant heat.

Lumos Electric Heater

If compact is what you're after, then the Lumos Electric Heater is a contemporary choice of heating unit. This discreet, but powerful heater delivers 3 metres of luxurious radiant heat and has 6 heat settings that can be adjusted with remote control. Wall mount (bracket included) or stand mount (sold separately) the Lumos and enjoy radiant heat in less than 30 seconds.

The Lumos is sleek and compact and has 6 heat settings.
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