End-to-end visibility of Procore platform enhances design & construct process - Misc. NZ
End-to-end visibility of Procore platform enhances design & construct process

End-to-end visibility of Procore platform enhances design & construct process

Words by Procore Technologies
  • 15% Time saved with digital trade invoice entry.
  • 50% Greater accuracy in financial forecasting.
  • 100% Real-time updates for management accounting reports.

The Challenge

Growth vs. Risk

With multiple offices throughout New Zealand, Gaze Commercial had grown with several stand-alone IT systems. These didn’t provide the visibility they needed, and document templates could easily be changed. Understanding the benefit of an integrated software platform, Gaze Commercial wanted to leverage the innovation in Procore Project Management to automate design changes on the fly and support business growth.

The Solution

Locking Down Quality Assurance

The implementation of Procore saw Gaze Commercial transform their project management to standardise templates, regain visibility over the business and streamline administrative processes across multiple office locations and projects. To better utilise Procore, Gaze Commercial also implemented SignOnSite for safety, Cosential for proposal writing and integrated Procore with their existing Xero cloud accounting solution.

“By standardising our operations, we had greater confidence things were being done correctly. It made sense to go ahead and implement Procore Financials to give us greater visibility over our budget and cash flow, helping us focus on new areas we have struggled to find time to focus on in the past,” said Chris.

“The innovative automation in design technology initially attracted us to Procore. Drawing updates were revolutionary, and this capability set Procore apart from the rest. Real-time financial insights and reporting better supports our strategy and vision––helping set Gaze Commercial apart from our competitors.”

Chris Stafford-Bush, CEO

The Roadmap from Administration to Financial Management

Standardising and digitising financial reporting processes for Gaze Commercial was a key driver in benchmarking the financial standards they wanted to deliver. Replacing the merry-go-round process of scanning, signing, manually printing, and scanning across multiple offices and projects eliminated significant errors and time delays for the Finance team. A mandatory two-signature approval system ensured sign offs became easier to track and manage through Procore.

“We have repositioned the focus of our finance manager from low-value administration tasks to value-added financial reporting and management accounting. This means we can get the information senior management has always wanted but never been able to access at the right time,” he said.

And when it comes to project standards and quality assurance, Procore’s automation has enhanced how Gaze builds.

“The RFI and Inspections tools help prompt reminders for answer before they become an issue. I can’t tell you how much better the reporting is from Procore than any paper report we relied on in the past.”

Brendon credits Procore’s easy-to-use platform as the key reason why the management team now feels more confident about the accuracy of the health and safety data at their fingertips. Gaze Commercial management can see how the team is inspecting sites in real time.

Financial Visibility and Accuracy Drive Better Cash Flow

Knowing Procore’s technology needed to play a more significant part in its financial future is easier with its ability to track labour fees and forecast financial outcomes.

“We are not just a construction company, we are also a design consultancy. This gives us two sides to our business – one with hourly rates and one with fixed fees. We needed one integrated platform which could link a project from tender to contract to commitments and subcontracts. Procore gave us that plus oversight over our budget. This was something we never had before with supposedly specialist software. This visibility is something we have truly enjoyed.”

This increased visibility with Procore now gives Gaze Commercial enhanced reporting capabilities on budgets, contingencies, and cash flow forecasting.

“We now can control our budgets, allocate resources to resolve any issues and react to projects and our cash flow projections and profitability a lot earlier than in years gone by. It’s really extraordinary,” concluded Chris.

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