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Bio silver for hygienic commercial ceiling tiles

Right now, hygiene is at the front line in the fight against disease. Silver has long been known for its antimicrobial properties, and studies suggest it is also a strong antiviral agent. Fenta is a prefinished, washable commercial ceiling tile that uses silver to ensure the highest levels of hygiene and sanitation.

Silver is a proven broad-spectrum antimicrobial and antivirus biocide. Fenta ceiling tiles are protected against microbial activity by a bio-silver additive in the UV topcoat. The additive has been successfully tested on over 50 different organisms in over 2000 applications.

The tiles are available in either high-gloss or satin UV-cured coating in white or black over fibre cement board that fits a standard 1200 x 600mm grid. This highly advanced coating has extremely good mechanical resistance that won’t scratch, is difficult to damage and resists both household and hard laboratory chemicals.

When properly maintained, the bio silver used in Fenta is proven to inhibit the growth of bacteria by up to 99.99% and lasts the lifetime of the product. Silver ions prevent bacteria from growing, producing energy or replicating. Silver is inorganic and non-leaching, making it superior to an organic antimicrobial alternative.

Fenta tiles are resistant to moisture, mould and mildew. Regular cleaning will remove biofilm, which if left to accumulate could support microbial activity. Fenta’s hard, seamless surface coating makes maintenance simple.

Fenta has been made in New Zealand for over 40 years by Bates Surfaces. It is suitable for all applications where hygiene is paramount, including commercial kitchens, healthcare laboratories, bathrooms, changing rooms, laundries and utility areas.

Product description: The Fenta tile is based on a 4.5mm James Hardie fibre cement board, which is cut to 1200 x 600mm tiles (nominal) and then coated with a hard, high-gloss UV-cured paint system by Bates Surfaces, New Zealand’s largest coatings applicator for building panel products and a leader in UV-cured paint technology. The Fenta tile drops into standard commercial suspended ceiling grids.

Key features:

  • 100% UV-cured and VOC-free paint (primers and topcoats)
  • Hygienic and fire-resistant
  • Durable, hard and scratch-resistant
  • Highly light-reflective for brighter spaces


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