Fire up your senses: the ultimate in design freedom NZ
Fire up your senses: the ultimate in design freedom

Fire up your senses: the ultimate in design freedom

A new range of gas fireplaces geared towards increased aesthetics.

Words by Justin Foote

As the centerpiece to your home, your fireplace should reflect your individual style and design aesthetic, but too often this had to be compromised in favour of function. Now, the City Series by Regency, brings you complete design freedom. You can now realise your vision and customise your fireplace in any material you choose; timber, wallpaper, glass or even fabric – right to the edge of your fireplace.

“Regency’s City Series of modern gas fireplaces offers unmatched design flexibility, quality and modern styling and Aber Living is really excited to offer them to the New Zealand market” says Nicki Luxton, Aber Living’s Indoor and Leisure Categories Manager.

“With this range, Regency has really concentrated on accentuating all of the qualities of an open fire that have always captivated us — that feeling of both physical and emotional warmth and comfort, as well as its ability to immediately establish a welcoming atmosphere within any room. Aesthetically, too, the City Series offers clean, contemporary lines that integrate seamlessly into any design scheme.

“We have three models available: the three-sided San Francisco Bay, two-sided Chicago Corner—available in either left- or right-hand unit—and the single-fronted New York View. Each model comes in 40-inch width profiles and we will be introducing a 60-inch profile for each model within the next six months.”

The three-sided San Francisco Bay fireplace. Part of the City Series by Regency.

Form meets function: fires designed to be looked at

Nicki says the City Series range represents the ultimate in design freedom and installation flexibility thanks to its patented Cool Wall System and seamless glass barrier.

“Technologically speaking, these fireplaces have been designed from the ground up, allowing for almost unlimited finishing options. Where before, you may have been restricted to what materials you could use around your fireplace, now the options are limitless. Now having a wood surround, or stylish wallpaper applied to the very edge of the firebox is not a problem. Mounting a television or artwork directly above the fireplace is now possible - with no limitations, as well as decreased material costs by removing the need for non-combustible materials and steel framing.

“For these reasons, we believe the Regency City Series will really resonate with architects and designers and also with homeowners who have an eye for considered design.”

Aber Living also offers a range of different firebed options so homeowners can customise the fireplace to suit their interior design scheme.

“Wall-mounted gas fires, at most, get used about 40 per cent of the time and tend to look like a dark hole in the wall the rest of the time. Not with the City Series, these fireplaces look incredible even when they’re not in use thanks to the multiple firebed options, interior options and back-lighting.”

The Chicago double-sided fireplace comes in left- or right-hand options.

What lies beneath: the technology behind City Series

Regency’s patented Cool Wall System draws in cool air around the floating glass safety barrier, which is then split between the heat exchanger and the inside wall surface. The warmed air is directed out the back of the fireplace and vented back into the room via top, side or front vents at ceiling level.

Reducing the amount of radiant heat in front of the fireplace, is what makes it possible to have television or artwork mounted directly above. It also means you can enjoy the ambience of an open fire more often as it’s not solely about generating as much heat as you can.

Each of the models comes with multiple flue options, can be used with natural gas or LPG systems and have been designed for ease of installation by any certified gas technician.

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Banner image: The New York single-fronted gas fireplace by Regency.

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