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FR-One Fire Retardant Fabric is the industry-leader in Inherently Fire-Retardant (IFR) furnishing fabrics for commercial and residential use globally.

Fire retardant fabrics are used in everything from high-end upholstery to soft furnishings to school room curtains - but what exactly qualifies a fabric as ‘fire retardant’?

FR-One Fire Retardant fabrics will not propagate the spread of flames, meaning that they will assist in containing flames by their self-extinguishing characteristics.

FR-One fabrics undergo rigorous testing in independent laboratories. The fabric is then assessed on a range of criteria to show the strength of the fire retardant properties, so that the customer can know exactly what they’re investing in.

Tests are carried out in laboratories like Labotex for the speed at which the fabrics catch fire, using methods such as a gas burner or gas flame, smoldering cigarette, or a small stack of dry wood.

Every new production of FR-One Fire Retardant fabrics are continuously controlled for its Inherent Fire-Retardant nature ensuring that our customers are always buying a guaranteed FR fabric.

FR One fabrics have been specified in projects around the world as highlighted below:


Three FR-One fabrics are featured in the fabulous interior of the Barceló Torre de Madrid Hotel. Exploring the boundaries between fine art and functional interiors, designer Jaime Hayon creates spaces with a playful fusion of eclectic elements.

Hayon tells his story of Spain through a jewel-toned colour palette. A sensuous feeling in the fabulous blue sofa designed in FR-One ‘Houdini’ velvet. The fire retardant Houdini velvet range combines a lovely soft touch with deep rich colours: a perfect fit for the striking interiors of this daring hotel.

Pale green dim-out curtains in the bar and lobby area come from the FR-One Blockbuster range. A sensitive and engaging colour that brings a relaxed and ornate feature to the room. The Blockbuster range has an elegant drapability and combines functionality with sophistication. FR-One dim out fabrics function as light filters and will also help with acoustics and heat control.

The Blockbuster fabric in the lobby is combined with exquisite sheers from the FR-One Gossy collection. They softly filter the Mediterranean sun coming through the majestic hotel windows.


Dormy Care Community Homes nestled in the heart of the UK countryside, are an exclusive collection of luxurious rest homes.  An innovative fusion of form and function comes together in beautiful décor and interior furnishings that boost the wellbeing of guests and the efficiency of staff.

New advances in design are proving that there are ways in which physical surroundings can have a positive effect on people. In healthcare design, especially interior design can positively affect the moods, sleep, and general wellbeing of long-term guests of care home facilities or hospitals.

The windows at Dormy Care are large, so establishing a connection with nature was essential to the overall wellbeing of the guests.  The level of natural light in each room was also important as well as being able to control noise which the soft furnishings and drapery help to do.

FR-One fabrics are used throughout the interiors of the homes, particularly in the bedrooms and dining areas offering a cheerful yet calming colour palette.

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