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Geesa: Magnificent Design with Functional Applications

Geesa: Magnificent Design with Functional Applications

Words by Franklins

Designed and Manufactured in The Netherlands

Geesa loves and supports design. Their products combine beautiful aesthetics with functional application. Since 1885 they have devoted their attention to the details of the bathroom. Geesa’s accessories are designed to last a lifetime and form the perfect balance between quality, functionality and design.

Most of Gesa's products are made from heavily chrome-plated brass, which ensures that they remain corrosion-resistant for many years. The choice of materials and 12-micron nickel and chromium layer allow for a 12-year warranty.

Geesa is a market leader in the Netherlands in their sector, as well as an exporter to 65 countries. This position is maintained by a consistent focus on quality. Geesa is a environmentally concious company making efforts to minimise their ecological footprint on earth and, closer to home, doing everything they can to be an outstanding employer with a loyal and service-oriented attitude towards partners and purchasers.

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