Getting a good night's sleep NZ
Getting a good night's sleep

Getting a good night's sleep

A good night's sleep can't be overrated. Sleep is vital for general good health, to allow your body and mind to recharge, and to ensure you are alert and refreshed, ready to face a new day.

Words by ArchiPro Editorial Team

One essential requirement for good sleep is a comfortable bed. Of course, everyone defines comfort differently, which makes choosing a new mattress such a challenging exercise.

Natural Beds, a privately owned business based in Oratia, Auckland, has been making and selling mattresses and bed frames for more than 25 years, with the philosophy of ensuring its products are made from materials that are environmentally friendly, sustainable, natural and, where possible, organic.

Owner Ralph Behrens says, “We feel like we can create comfortable, healthy beds using natural materials – beds that are healthy for people to sleep in and healthy for the environment. I’ve been making natural mattresses for more than 35 years, and that experience has allowed me to develop products that suit a wide range of people and their sleep preferences.”

Latex is the primary material in Natural Beds’ mattresses today. Most mattresses on the market include synthetic foam made from petroleum-based oil that is foamed up to form all, or part of, mattresses. In contrast, most of Natural Beds’ mattresses are produced from natural latex. This is made from the sap or milk extracted from plantation-grown rubber trees, which is foamed up and set, ensuring these mattresses are 100 per cent natural.

“Because our mattresses are made from natural latex, they are healthy for the environment and healthy for people to sleep on – there are none of the toxins or gases that are released by petroleum-based foam. Our latex mattresses are anti-allergenic, anti-bacterial and odourless,” says Ralph.

Two latex mattresses from the Natural Beds’ range can also be fine-tuned free of charge over a period of three months, simply by exchanging layers for softer or firmer layers.

The Futonz Element mattress is made from natural latex.

Dorsal: mattresses that are both healthy for you and the wider environment

A premium option is the Dorsal mattress, made from 85 per cent natural sunflower, safflower, and soybean oil foam in the family’s factory in Italy. These high-quality foam mattresses are available in a wide range of densities, from soft to very firm. They contour perfectly to different body weights while providing support and breathability.

“We have been working with Dorsal for about eight years and are really happy with the response from our customers to their products. These mattresses align with our philosophy of being environmentally friendly and sustainably produced, and they pass the vital bottom-line test – which is that they must be really comfortable," says Ralph.

Dorsal mattresses have a breathable cotton and bamboo outer cover that can be unzipped and removed, enabling them to be cleaned in a large washing machine.

The Dorsal Sunflower mattress is made from natural seed oil.

Natural Beds: Built-in adjustability for the ultimate flexibility

One of its mattresses comprises several layers of foam, which can be switched around to change the comfort level from firm to soft, or vice versa, according to individual needs.

“This also makes it easier for customers to make that decision to buy; it’s very difficult to confidently lie on a mattress in a shop and know it is the right one for you. With these mattresses, if you get home and after a night or a week, you think it might be a bit too soft or hard, it is straightforward to switch the layers around to find the right level of comfort for you.”

"As a further backstop, we also have a policy of offering a trial period of one week for all of our products. If you are not happy, they can be returned, and we provide a full refund," says Ralph.

The mattresses are reversible, which helps to prevent hollows from forming. Because they are made from very high-quality foam, which is long-lasting and won't collapse, they should continue to provide comfort for upwards of 20 years.

Dorsal also manufactures bed frames with flexible, sprung slat systems that help contour to body weight. The slats are individually adjustable to enable you to firm up or soften specific bed zones for personal comfort. Made from European beech, the Dorsal bed frames are very minimal and contemporary in style.

Pillows shouldn’t be underrated in the quest for a good night’s sleep either, and Natural Beds stocks a good range of these, with latex styles as well as other filling options such as organic buckwheat husk and wool.

The company also makes solid timber bed frames and bedroom furniture, again using only sustainably grown timbers such as pine and macrocarpa.

As well as its money-back guarantee, Natural Beds offers a 10-year warranty on all its mattresses and bases.

View and try out the range of environmentally friendly mattresses, pillows and beds at Natural Beds’ showroom and factory in Oratia, Auckland.

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