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How to Increase the Value of your Home with Exterior Painting

How to Increase the Value of your Home with Exterior Painting

It is no doubt that one of the things you can ever get to do if you want to dramatically increase the value of your home is painting its exterior. Painting your homes, exterior, apart from protecting your home from the elements helps make it more appealing which in turn can have an overall impact on its value. 

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Does painting the exterior increase the homes value?

If you're thinking of renovating your house, exterior painting is definitely on the list. It is no doubt that one of the things you can ever get to do if you want to dramatically increase the value of your home is painting its exterior. Painting your homes, exterior, apart from protecting your home from the elements helps make it more appealing which in turn can have an overall impact on its value. Throughout our work as expects, we’ve had the opportunity to interact with a lot of homeowners in New Zealand who were skeptical of the ability of exterior painting to increase their home’s value. To get exterior residential painting in Auckland is not as much of a hassle as you might think. It is all about getting a company that suits you and your needs.

We have been getting a lot of clients looking for painters in North Shore Auckland asking about the types of paints to use to increase the value of their home. This is one of the reasons we chose to write this blog from various interviews conducted with industry experts.

If you are a homeowner, chances are, you are also skeptical and do not really believe that painting your home’s exterior can really have an impact on the value of your home. If you are, here are some of the reasons why exterior painting can help increase the value of your home.

Makes your home aesthetics much better

If you purchased your house before, you might have figured out that the design fit and colors don’t really match up or make much sense. These design flaws can have a tremendous impact on your home’s value in case you will want to sell it because potential buyers tend to consider a home’s design before anything else. If a beautifully designed home is overpriced, most buyers will be tempted to buy it for that price anyway. That’s why you need to paint your home’s exterior to give your house that feeling of newness which may as well help in increasing its value.

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House appears larger

Colors are really powerful. If you want to dramatically increase the value of your home, then you have to be really smart about how you paint your home’s exterior. If you use lighter shades of paint on the lot of your home, it will likely appear bigger which may influence the appraiser to give your home a much higher value just because they believe that it is bigger which is quite amazing.

Buyer’s won’t have to worry about expensive repairs

When you paint your home’s exterior, as I had said on the first point, you will influence how it appears to people on the outside. Painting helps to really cover a lot of things that would have been clearly seen if the house was not painted. Painting your home’s exterior gives it the feeling on newness which is great for its valuation.

These are the reasons why you should consider exterior residential painting, Auckland. If you were doubtful and skeptical about how painting your home can help increase its value, I’m sure you now have an appreciation of how beneficial it actually is. If you know of any more exterior home painting ideas, please, share them with us.

Now that we have established that painting your home increases its perceived value, lets look at how you could choose the right colours for your exteriors.

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6 Factors to choose the right colour for the exterior of your home

Exterior residential painting in Auckland can prove to be a big task. With the cost of the house it is essential that you get it right the first time. Every year many homeowners around Auckland want to know what exterior house colours to choose. There are a lot of options and not every option is right for every house.

So how do you choose? There are a lot of factors that go into choosing the right colour for your home. All of these decision points come from various areas, including your personal preference.

1. Personal preference for exterior painting in Auckland

Personal preference plays a major role in every decision you make about your home. No matter what colour you end up choosing for your exteriors, it has to be a colour you like. If you come home to a house that is a colour that you dislike or even hate every day you are going to dislike your house.

Picking a paint colour that you like and can live with is important so that you continue to enjoy your home.

That being said, it is important to keep an open mind and be open to colours you might not have otherwise chosen. The colour palettes that work on your house may not be your favorite colour. With some work though you can find a colour in any palette that you enjoy.

2. Do you want to fit in or stand out?

Before picking a paint colour it is important to decide whether you want to fit in with your neighbors or stand out in the community. Both sides have their benefits and their negatives.

If you want to fit in with your neighbors you should take a walk around your neighborhood and take note of the colours that are used on other houses. You might find that a variety of colours are used but many neighbourhoods have a palette of colours that is used. This stems from people wanting the houses to appear similar, even if they don’t match. To fit in you don’t have to use the exact colour of an existing house or houses in your neighborhood, you just need to find a colour that compliments them.

Fitting in with your neighbors house colours will often raise the value of your home.

Many people like to stand out in the community as it helps them to appreciate their home more. Uniformity can get boring and easily become a drag. To stand out you can pick bright colours or colours that are far from those used on other houses around you. The problem for many is that standing out can cause your neighbors to criticise your exterior paint.

3. Style of your house

The style of your house can influence your colour choice when picking exterior house colours. For example, if you have a brick house you will likely want to find a colour that works well with brick. Some of the most common colours to paint a brick house are cream, white, stone gray, or tan.

Google can be a great tool for finding typical paint colours for your style of house.

You should also consider the history of your home and neighborhood when trying to pick the right colour for your home. Every style of house has a traditional colour or set of colours that it can be painted. If you live in a neighborhood that has a lot of historical traditions then it might be wise to pick from one of those colours.

4. Detailing for your home

When picking exterior house colours NZ it is important to consider the detailing on your house. Unless you plan to paint everything the same colour, you will want to find two colours the compliment each other or work together to create a wonderful appearance for your home.

Some of the detailing you will need to consider includes the windows, doors, trim, railings, and other items that you will be painting.

Fencing and other permanent fixtures on your property may also play a role in your choice of colours. Some people opt to paint their fences at the same time that they paint their houses though. As long as your completely attached to the colour of your fence, you should keep an open mind.

5. Have a colour consultation with a painting company

It isn’t uncommon for you to have difficulty deciding what colour to paint your house. If this happens you can call a local exterior painting company to use their expertise. These companies have worked on just about every style of house in a large varieties of neighbourhoods and know the most common colours. They also have the experience and training to know what colour works with every style of house.

Many companies will talk about the colour you want to paint your home when they come to perform the estimate. If you know you are ready to get estimates, this can be a great time to talk about colours. For those that aren’t quite ready to get estimates though, contact the companies that are around you or that you are interested in using and ask for a colour consultation.

Superior Painter offers a free colour consultation from a professional Colour Consultant who will come out to your home and explore options with you.

6. Test colours on your house

It is hard to know exactly how a colour will look on your house until you see it on your house. Even a paint swatch can be deceiving. Not only is the colour printed on to the swatch, the material isn’t the same as your house.

A sample paint can is only around $5 for most brands. You can buy one of these sample cans then paint a small area of your home to see what it looks like when you are done. You want to test an area of your home that gets good exposure to light but at the same time it is usually best to find an area in your backyard or on the side of your home where the mismatched paint can’t be seen from the street.

If the colour of a sample paint doesn’t come out like you expect, try doing several layers of paint, letting each layer dry. This is especially helpful when you are painting a lighter colour on top of a dark colour.

Choosing the right house colours is crucial when painting your home. Getting a colour that fits your personal preference and home-style will help you to feel better about your home. It will also help you to increase the value of your home.

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Get in touch, free color consultation

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During the color consultation, you’ll receive:

  • Professional advice on color selection and design for your home
  • Free on-site project appraisal based on your needs
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  • And get all your questions answered with no obligations

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