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How to pick the right builder for your project.

How to pick the right builder for your project.

Words by Alpha 1 Builders

It's a HUGE decision, so why not take our easy 12 question and pointers checklist to identify which builder is right for you and your project...

Selecting your builder is a HUGE investment. 

Just as every project is different, so too is every builder and what they can offer so..... Make sure to research previous jobs on the company’s website.

We would also recommend checking references of previous clients on No more Cowboys, as a third party provider it will provide an unbiased insight.  Of course you can also ask for references from previous clients through the builder that you are considering engaging with.

Then, consider the 12 questions and points below when looking to engage a builder:


  • Have they built/renovated complex projects previously?
  • How experienced are the team undertaking your project?
  • Who is the project manager & what experience do they have?
  • How long has the company been in business?  
  • Ask for actual testimonials from previous clients.
  • Did they deliver what they promised previous clients? 
  • Ask if your architect has heard of them and would recommend them. 
  • Do they belong to any building associations e.g. Master Builders?
  • If so, are they able to offer you a 10 year guarantee on your build? 
  • Are they licensed building practitioners and if so what licence do they hold? e.g.carpentry, commercial etc.
  • Any reputable builder/building company will have liability insurance. They should also be able to advise you on any additional insurance you may be required to arrange during your renovation.

Site safety & conduct should also be important to the builder, to ensure that all workers and people that visit the site are safe.


Alpha 1 Builders, are registered with and implement Hazard Co safety and Site Safety policies and procedures. 

See here for our Licensed Building Practitioners link

 We are also proud Master Builders Members.


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