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Introducing Autex Acoustics® x Novii

Introducing Autex Acoustics® x Novii

Market leaders in acoustics and lighting collaborate to create a new product: LA Series.

Words by Autex Acoustics

What is LA Series?

Sound and light have found a new wavelength in this collaboration between Autex Acoustics® and Novii. LA Series is a new ceiling system that brings together boundary-pushing lighting innovation with acoustic expertise to seamlessly transform your ceiling-scape–the system combines Autex Acoustics Frontier™ baffles and Novii’s Tyke Daisy optic. Jonathan Mountfort, Creative Director at Autex Acoustics says:

It’s a boldly simple integration of design and engineering

Continuously looking for ways to simplify a specifier's experience—Autex Acoustics and Novii saw an opportunity to develop their relationship and provide a new product that showcases seamless design excellence between two important components—redefining the possibilities for multi-sensory comfort. General Manager at Novii, Gray Borell says:

When different disciplines come together, a new wave builds. More minds lead to bigger ideas.

Made for beautiful spaces

Conceived as one, LA Series balances the bold visual appearance of its acoustic and lighting elements, enabling unique and harmonious ceilings designed for positively human experiences. The LA Series is beautiful and considered–a truly design-led solution. Its aesthetic form enhances its mood-transforming functionality.

Creating a seamless process

Combining lighting and acoustics into one seamless system has removed the complexity. This opens up new design possibilities and makes it easier than ever to create unusually comfortable spaces.

The LA Series simplifies ceilings, with one innovative product system that allows for seamless design, specification and installation.

Click here to find out more about the LA Series.

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