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2019 has seen a lot of changes here, Rex Holmes and I sold Timspec on the 1st April and the company now operates as ITI Timspec. The new owner is a Kiwi (Paul Shadbolt) and Paul lives in Australia. The change over happened quickly albeit we had been trying to sell for some years. The new business is keen to expand and we are looking for new products to distribute as well as feeling our way into new markets. So, it is business as usual, Rex retired on 31st August. Otherwise it is the same same but new name. Jeff Price who has been an ITI staff member for many years is now part of  the management team of ITI Timspec, I will  be here for a few more years helping to mentor and teach Jeff a little of what Timspec has done over the past 29 years. Jeff has been actively involved in timber and distributing for sometime and so the basics are there.  Jeff Hughes who many of you know has been with us at Timspec as Financial Controller, has taken over some of Rex's roles and will form the third leg to our management team.

Accoya is a cornerstone plank for our growth strategy along with more trading in finished goods (such as Eva Last decking, Ezi Trim Plus moulding etc). Our traditional products remain core to our business and no change just more of the same and some new stuff to go with it.


Supply News  

Before I talk about supply issues I guess the key worry for many importers is where is this dollar headed? thankfully the NZ dollar rose nearly a cent against the USD, Thursday and Friday last week but it is still low (meaning imports cost more money to buy). 

Ex Canada  industrial action by WFP ( the largest Cedar sawmiller) workers on Vancouver Island could be spreading and it has some implications for Western Red Cedar supply if it is not settled before too long. We don’t know the true state of affairs but at this stage we are in good shape, as far as stock is concerned. This past week the second largest Cedar supplier (ie Interfor) announced the closure of its  Hammond Sawmill. The implications on top of the strike action pose some interesting challenges. 

In the USA the hardwood suppliers we deal with are all finding life unbearable as the tariffs  dispute with China hurt exports of USA hardwood lumber to Asia and mean lower prices and slower trading. Many traders are not making any money. Many sawmills have cut back production significantly as they cannot sell lumber.

Log exports here in NZ are down and this mean tight log supplies for many sawmills. Many logging gangs are being laid off and flow on effects are huge. Log Exports accounts for nearly $6 billion in foreign trade for NZ.

Hardwood supplies ex the Amazon are up in smoke :)   ???  As most of you know we have avoided sourcing from the Amazon so sorry no Purpleheart, or Garapa but our consciences are clear.

Product News

  • Radiata Cladding stocks and supplies as Clears as opposed to Finger Jointed are in great shape and fabulous value.  Certclad jobs in clear H3.2 Radiata is a great seller.
  • FJ laminated Taun sales are growing steadily in the paint joinery frame market as this fabulous product which is great value finds ready buyers. The Taun comes Resorcinol  glued finger jointed and laminated and FSC 100% it is fabulous value for money, available as 140 x 35/46/72, 190 x 35/46/72 as well as 245 x 72. 
  • Kwila decking is now readily available as FSC 100% and comes in a variety of sizes as well as D4S. Our supplier has set up nurseries to grow seedlings  and is doing great job to maintain an ongoing supply as well as protect the environment. The product quality remains second to none as for our FSC stock and you will not be disappointed. Some questionable supply chains are still operating, but like others we have supported and embraced the ITTG Policy  ( check out ITTG at and are helping lead the way. We supply a number of merchants  with this or contact one of our office direst for details.
  • Engineered T&G we now offer the best of Europe in European Oak T&G Engineered in Europe as FSC and with CARB2 compliance as far as formaldehyde emissions goes. In addition a new arrival is our Australian hardwoods version as Black Butt and Spotted Gum. I have used Spotted Gum myself in a renovation and it looks fabulous. 
  • European Beech sales are also very strong as we see strong interest in this medium density hardwood. Suitable for interior use only it is great value, light in colour and very even grain. Coming from Germany and Austria it has PEFC and or FSC certification.
  • Accoya sales are still growing as we see more and more people recognizing the value in the product for cladding, decking and joinery applications. Being warranted even when using dark colours is a big plus, and being able to use wide boards with no warping issues is fantastic. 
  • During the past week we hosted the annual Australia New Zealand Accoya conference . a resounding success thanks to Loukya's hard work - thanks mate. The outcomes are exciting for us as we see new opportunities arising. The recent Architects trip to Arnhem and the upcoming Joiners trip to Australia are important keys to the better understanding of what can be done with this fantastic timber.
  • Eva Last sales increase each month and who would doubt the quality of a wood plastic composite. 
  • Ezi Trim Plus is the answer to all interior mouldings needs. It is a fabulously finished finger jointed moulding that is incomparable for paint finished jobs.
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