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It’s all on the inside

It’s all on the inside

TECE believes that it is essential for every modern bathroom to have good design, functionality and hygiene. TECElux seamlessly applies this principle to its designs, creating a completely new bathroom feeling. The innovative TECE toilet terminal places equal importance on aesthetic and functional factors. In addition to its contemporary appearance, TECElux includes a number of additional functions such as height-adjustment and air purification.

Words by Franklins


With the functional and aesthetic demands on bathrooms continually increasing in all living spaces, TECE strives to create innovative bathroom solutions to meet these demands.

In contrast to a regular toilet, the technology is concealed behind an ultra-flat glass surface, making the appearance of the toilet more appealing. With its simple aesthetics and understated appearance, TECElux blends in with the architecture and interior of any bathroom. Due to its versatile design, the toilet terminal can be combined with practically any ceramics. This allows for ease of installation and maintenance.


For the first time, functions that were previously only available as individual solutions are combined in one toilet.


The ‘SenTouch’ function causes the LED flush button to illuminate when a person is approaching the toilet. A slight touch of the finger is all that is needed to actuate the flush – and within a range of 10mm, no contact is required at all.


‘CeramicAir’ is a built-in air purification system that involves a new kind of ceramic activated carbon filter. Similar to SenTouch, the air purification system starts when a person approaches and stops automatically after a short run-on time – therefore avoiding unnecessary power consumption. Odours are drawn away at the source and replaced with cleaned air, to ensure that optimum levels of comfort and hygiene are maintained.


TECElux enables you to adjust the height of the toilet ceramics (within an 8cm range) at any time, even after the module has been installed.

Through excellence in design and attention to convenience and functionality, TECE has redefined the way toilet systems work and turned the mundane into something attractive and ingenious.

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