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J-Frame Brings Accuracy and Speed to Medium Density Projects

J-Frame Brings Accuracy and Speed to Medium Density Projects

Words by Juken New Zealand Ltd

J-Frame by Juken New Zealand provides significant time-savings on site, making it a smart choice for medium density housing.

With increased housing demand across New Zealand and growing pressure on structural timber supply, Juken offers a reliable, readily available alternative with J-Frame — a CodeMark certified structural LVL gauged framing timber made from 100% renewable radiata pine.

J-Frame is a smart structural solution for medium-density housing projects, providing time savings through speed of installation, and ultimately ensuring a strong and reliable structure for NZ homes.

Time and cost savings

The dimensional accuracy of J-Frame minimises the need to straighten external framing, resulting in significant time-savings on site — often saving at least a day in the build of an average home. “In terms of building medium density homes quickly, there's less straightening of frames and less plastering involved so secondary installation is quicker to process,” says Gordie Wilmshurst, General Manager Sales, Marketing and Logistics at Juken. “That speed of build is the biggest benefit of J-Frame.”

CodeMark certified for ease of consent

J-Frame with CodeMark guarantees compliance with all councils and gives architects peace of mind when applying for consent. “This is really important as it means less time spent in the consenting phase," explains Gordie.

Proven in medium-density projects

J-Frame has been used successfully on several medium density projects across New Zealand, giving Juken the knowledge to assist with the unique challenges of medium density builds. The Juken team are currently dealing with a number of clients working on medium density housing, including the Williams Corporation who are currently planning large residential developments right across New Zealand.

Reliable local supply chain

J-Frame is made from 100% renewable radiata pine grown in Juken’s forests estate not far from the manufacturing plant in Masterton. By offering a sustainable, local supply chain, Juken provides a reliable framing option. J-Frame is a direct substitution for solid framing timber, meaning architects can easily specify it for upcoming builds.

Ultimately, J-Frame is a straight, reliable and durable timber framing alternative that brings increased efficiency to medium density projects. “With the shortage of housing in NZ, J-Frame is well placed to help reduce some of the time and costs spent in the build process,” says Gordie.

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