J-Frame: Premium Framing with Outstanding Results NZ
J-Frame: Premium Framing with Outstanding Results

J-Frame: Premium Framing with Outstanding Results

Words by Juken New Zealand Ltd

Kieran Gleeson has been building high quality residential homes, extensions and renovations in the Wairarapa Region with J-Frame for over a decade. He was one of the first to be interested in the LVL framing product and has never looked back. Kieran first used J-Frame whilst building his own house in his spare time, which meant the Frames were exposed for long amounts of time and J-Frame as engineered stayed straight and true.

Kieran has recently won four awards in the Registered Builders House of the Year Competition with J-Frame being at the forefront of this build.

“Everybody who tries it can see the advantages straight away. One of the major benefits is the straightness and strength that’s engineered into J-Frame from the start." The time savings on site are another major benefit, according to Kieran. “In the house I’m currently building, I’ve only had to plane two studs in the whole house.”

J-Frame is suitable for a wide range of uses including residential and commercial framing and truss systems. Harvested responsibly from 100% sustainable forestry and manufacture right here in New Zealand, J-Frame is CodeMark certified as compliant with the New Zealand Building Code. It’s manufactured for consistent strength, stiffness and stability — making it resistant to warp, twist and bow. The A Bond (glue) is proven to withstand exposure to moisture and weather, and long-term structural performance requirements.

For J-Frame Specs, Certifications and Technical Details go to jnl.co.nz

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