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Kitchen Design Styles

Kitchen Design Styles

We believe a custom kitchen should be just that — designed especially for your home, your lifestyle and the things that bring you joy. That said, it can be useful to see how various design elements can compliment one another and add up to a cohesive look.We’ve broken down some successful kitchen design styles and identified the elements or features that contribute to an aesthetic. If you respond to a particular set of images, you could maybe borrow some features as part of the mix that makes it your own.

Words by Honour Creative


Do you want your kitchen to feel at home in your period home or villa?

Do you want a homely kitchen that still feels current and contemporary?

Some Contemporary/Traditional features:

  • Panelled or tongue-and-groove cupboard fronts
  • Colour as a feature, even if soft and subdued
  • Mouldings and other trim details, even if simplified
  • Lighting that is a new version of an old style
  • Handle hardware that is inspired by tradition such as knobs and curved drawer pulls


Do you like a clear, clean look and have an open plan space with clear available walls to play with?

Do you like things to be organised and feel tidy and under control?

Some Modern/Minimalist features:

  • Blocky layout, tightly planned with horizontal and vertical alignment of elements
  • Rectangular blocks of materials and symmetry
  • Simple, refined palette of materials and neutral colours
  • Flat cupboard fronts, often handleless or with minimal handles
  • Sleek lighting


Do you like a relaxed vibe and feeling connected to the outdoors?

Do you like an open airy space with texture?

Some Coastal features:

  • Open, airy layout
  • Bring the outdoors in, directly with doors, skylights and windows and indirectly with plants or natural textures
  • Light toned timber
  • Organic texture and woven elements
  • Blues, soft watery hues and fresh greenery
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