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Laundry Outlet Box

Laundry Outlet Box

How to save space when creating a laundry water supply and drainage system

Words by Allproof

Allproof's Laundry Outlet Box

Apartments and high density housing are becoming increasingly popular, especially in New Zealand and Australian cities where space comes at a premium. There are many factors to consider when designing apartments. Utilising space to ensure services have minimal impact on living areas is key. With this in mind, Allproof Industries have launched a new product that enables washing machines to be pushed back against the wall, while locating all the plumbing services in one recessed cavity: the Laundry Outlet Box.

The Large Laundry Outlet Box ensures tidy pipework, providing hot and cold water to the machine while also offering a 50mm waste outlet point within the same compact unit. This removes the need for the taps and waste pipe to sit on the wall, thus maximising under bench space. The Laundry Outlet Box has allocation for both top fed and bottom fed supply pipework, and includes two quickfit washing machine taps and a face plate for a tidy finish. The Small Laundry Outlet box provides a small and tidy recessed cavity with a 50mm waste outlet.

Allproof are confident that this product will provide an elegant solution to modern buildings looking to utilise space and are happy to provide further information and assist in incorporating the Laundry Outlet Box into projects.

Laundry Outlet Box and Packaging - Allproof
Installed Laundry Outlet Box - Allproof
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