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Let’s Get Wellington Moving

Let’s Get Wellington Moving

Words by Boffa Miskell

Let’s Get Wellington Moving

Work to identify the best options for mass rapid transit and state highway improvements is set to begin, as part of the next phase of the Let’s Get Wellington Moving (LGWM) programme.

Boffa Miskell is part of the Future Group consortium that has been selected to assist with developing the business cases for the Golden Mile and the Strategic Highways in Wellington City as part of the LGWM programme.

“Our role is working with the team providing for urban quality outcomes to reflect the expectation of the community — that not only does Wellington ‘get moving’, but that it does so in a way that enhances the city as a great place spend time, live and work,” says Marc Baily, a partner and urban planner based in the Wellington office.

“We welcome the opportunity to participate in this city-shaping project.”

The Golden Mile (Lambton Quay to Courtenay Place) is the heart of Wellington. LGWM seeks to make this space better for people walking and on bikes, and give buses more priority.

The indicative business case for the strategic highway improvements project will identify preferred options for unlocking the Basin Reserve and providing an extra Mt Victoria tunnel.

In a statement provided to the media, by Let’s get Wellington Moving, Transport Minister Phil Twyford said, “Getting these projects off the ground is a significant step for Let’s Get Wellington Moving. The rapid transit and state highway improvements projects are the pillars of this city-shaping programme, which will move more people with fewer vehicles through the city.

“These business cases will provide central and local government partners with information to make key decisions on these projects as part of the wider Let’s Get Wellington Moving programme, including sequencing,” Mr Twyford said.

Wellington Mayor Andy Foster said in the media release: “Awarding contracts for investigation of the Mass Transit and State Highway work to a consortium of companies with such extensive local and international experience and expertise is fantastic. I particularly want to hear their views on issues such as route, mode, timing and cost and how all the different components fit together.”

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