Letterbox solutions for modern times NZ
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Letterbox solutions for modern times

Letterbox solutions for modern times

Now that much of our grocery and other shopping – and even newspaper reading – is conducted online, it's probably time to consider redesigning our letterboxes to accommodate somewhat different delivery requirements.

Words by ArchiPro Editorial Team

A neat and pretty little letterbox at the front gate, perhaps with a rose climbing over it, was very convenient when your party invitations, letters from friends and even bills arrived at the front gate every day.

But today, when the whole world is at our fingertips as a shopping destination, and our deliveries are more likely to be chunky parcels than slim envelopes, that sweet little letterbox doesn’t quite cut the mustard.

And, in more recent times, with the constraints of Covid-19, the situation has become even more critical. Many people are working from home and receiving parcels delivered to offices, and online shopping means most purchases now arrive by courier. In fact, around two million packages are coming into New Zealand every day, resulting in couriers scooting along our streets, struggling to fit them into small boxes or, if they can get there, leaving them exposed on your front porch. Worse, you may be left with a card to collect the parcel from some far-distant collection centre.

Post Impressions, a small, family-owned and operated business, has come up with a range of solutions to ensure that parcels can be delivered safely and securely to homes, apartments and businesses.

Its parcel and letterboxes are all locally manufactured and are designed to be both practical and good-looking. The company has solutions for homeowners, apartment dwellers and businesses operating from residential and commercial addresses, whether for online shopping, food or wine.

The Roman Pillar Parcel Letterbox is perfect for receiving packages and can be customised with colours and artwork.

Post Impressions: Opting for safety and convenience

The latest addition to the Post Impressions range is the Roman Pillar Parcel Letterbox. Parcels up to medium size can be deposited via a pull-out flap at the top; they then drop down to the bottom of the pillar and can be retrieved through a locked door in the base. Once it has been dropped into the box, it can only be removed via the locked door, ensuring the safety and security of your parcels. For those who receive several deliveries a day, the pillar is large enough to accommodate several packages at a time safely.

Company owner Tracey Eccles says these boxes have proven to be very popular, particularly with people working from home and often receiving more than one parcel a day.

“The courier can quickly deposit the parcel in the box, and you don’t need to be disturbed by them ringing the doorbell several times a day. And, of course, it’s much safer than leaving them sitting on the front porch if you happen to be out.”

The company has also recently designed a new range of pillar parcel boxes, especially for apartments, where parcel delivery can be problematic. Like the Roman boxes, these larger-style boxes enable couriers to safely leave parcels in the designated apartment's box for later collection by the owners via a locked flap in the base.

Post Impressions also makes a variety of other letter and parcel boxes, like its Home Courier Box – My Food Safe, which is large enough for a weekly supermarket shopping delivery, wine deliveries, or for your weekly meal delivery. These thermal double-skin insulated boxes can be fitted with freezer pads if required and are lockable via a combination lock.

Parcel boxes are all made from galvanised steel and can be finished in various colours or a custom colour if required. They are designed to be secured to your house, fixed to a garden wall or onto a concrete pad. The combination lock is set up so you can change it regularly if you choose to provide the number to courier companies to ensure the secure delivery of your parcels.

Roman Pillar Parcel Letterbox

Post Impressions: Hide the ugly

Post Impressions also manufactures stylish covers for items such as gas bottles, heat pumps and rubbish bins that are often stored in utility areas or bolted to the side of the house.

"People spend a lot of money on beautiful homes, then find they have to look at ugly gas bottles and heat pump equipment on the exterior walls. Our covers for these items are stylish but also functional," says Tracey.

Gas bottle covers can be locked to keep them secure, and vents in the top prevent gas pooling and ensure the bottles stay cool. And with oversized doors, access is easy when it is time to change bottles or turn the valves. Both gas bottle and heat pump covers are made from powder-coated, galvanised steel, and they can be finished in a custom colour to match your house.

Keep your deliveries safe by contacting Post Impressions to find the best solution for your needs.

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