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New product: our Linear Shelving works around you!

New product: our Linear Shelving works around you!

Words by Città

There’s more than meets the eye with our new Linear Shelving range. The modern shelving units will suit your space and style with their changeable side and back panels.

The revolutionary shelving is designed right here in New Zealand by our 3D Design team, David Moreland and Nikolai Sorensen. “We wanted to design shelving options that allowed people to have input into the aesthetic and function,” David explains.

You can create your desired shelving configuration by placing or removing the panels with ease. The panels are held in place by discreet magnets hidden by the vertical metal uprights.

Experiment with different looks by using as many or few of the panels as desired. This allows you to create ‘negative space’ around your cherished possessions. The result? Your treasures are boldly displayed in style.

Linear Shelving is available in four sizes and four colourways: black, natural oak/black, natural oak/white or olive/white.

If desired, individual shelving units can be placed side-by-side to create a longer unit. Multiple units can be perfectly aligned, thanks to the adjustable feet in every corner of the unit.

The straight up-and-down framework allows the Linear Shelving units to seamlessly integrate into any interior. There’s no denying this range is top shelf! 

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