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No Draughts

No Draughts

Nobody likes sitting down to dinner at the family table and having their hair blown in their face, or lounging on the couch only to find their toes being blasted off by a chilling wind.

Words by Varcoe

Heat pumps have a reputation for drafts in the home. Which is why it is so important to have a proper install. When heat pumps are installed properly there should be no draughts. They certainly shouldn’t create a wind where you’re sitting having your dinner or lounging on the couch. Stopping the draughts is one of the easiest ways to keep heat inside your house too.

There are also draughts created from heat leaving the home, and a proper heat pump install is critical so it doesn’t ‘blow the heat out,’ so to speak. It’s also important with the new draught stopping standards in the healthy homes standards.

Luckily with our 30 years of experience installing heat pumps and our continued relationship with our customers we feel confident we are good in this area of install.

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