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Our Spatial Design Advice Post Covid-19

Our Spatial Design Advice Post Covid-19

Words by Gaze Commercial

There has been a significant number of views and opinions published during and post Covid-19 lock-down. Whilst there may be significant opportunities to reduce operating costs, we believe businesses should take a deep breath before embarking on radical changes to their workplaces. There is a heightened awareness of flexible working and the use of technology to communicate. However, VC technology pre-existed Covid-19 and the design process has not changed. 

Our research makes it clear: 

• There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach. All businesses are relatively unique. 

• Technology has a significant impact on designing your space. We undertake to understand how your current and future technology advances will impact your business. Gaze has partnered with a leading technology provider to help you manoeuvre through a structured process if required. 

• Your team is likely to be your most valuable asset. You need to understand their demographic, current and future motivations. Determine task-based, functional, revenue generation, collaborative responsibilities. Can these be managed remotely? Can you evaluate performance and what frequency should you come together for meetings and collaboration? Mentoring is the key to developing talent. 

• Your flows, procedures and processes need to be understood to design the environment that is most efficient for you. We take the time to listen and understand. 

• Your vibrant culture is unique to you and is critical to attracting and retaining the best talent. Most of us desire social interaction. ‘Gaze has the talent and experience to listen and work with you to arrive at the best possible spatial solution for your business.’

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