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Outdoor Trends 2018

Outdoor Trends 2018

In New Zealand we’re so lucky we can spend a comfortable summer outside. Kiwis create outdoor areas to entertain, inspire and relax in. The trick is to make the indoor/outdoor flow seamless and to create an outdoor area that complements, rather than contradicts the inside of your home. To help you, we’ve compiled 2018’s top trends to help you enhance your outdoor area.

Words by Aber Living
Creating a central focus with a fire-pit or a fireplace creates atmosphere and a social hub.

#1 Texture

New Zealanders love their decks and 2018 looks set to continue this love affair. Timber offers warmth and grounding to any outdoor area. Depending on the finish it can be minimalist or textured. The trend for un-polished concrete or plaster also continues for seating, dressing of fireplaces, and steps.

Extend the usage of your outdoor area by using Heatstrips when the weather gets cooler in the evenings.

#2 Heat and Light

Fire Pits are in big demand, they warm up an outdoor area and create a hub. There are many options, from stone to metal, from bowls to built-in firepits. Some even double as tables when not in use. The next step up from a fire pit is a fireplace. Fireplaces can’t usually be moved about easily, but often have the added bonus of being able to cook on them. If you’re in a space-restricted area, then electric heat strips can be a great option. Freestanding gas heaters can also put out a lot of heat. If you couple this with some strung lights, you’ll have instant atmosphere!

In small areas, electric and gas heating and lighting can be compact, attractive and effective.

#4 The inside goes outside

Outdoor furniture is starting to look more like furniture that you’d have inside. Lounge settings that would look comfortable inside with soft cushions added for pops of colour. Wood furniture looks fresh and relaxed and is now paired with more neutral fabrics, rather than bold ‘summer-inspired stripes and florals. If your look is for something more curvaceous, then look to wicker furniture.

Wicker furniture is always popular and softens an outdoor area. Cushions and throws add pops of colour.

#5 Technology

Whether it’s an outdoor TV, a bar fridge, or speakers to get the good times rolling, technology is making life outside a lot more enjoyable. Now there is no need to leave your friends to get more drinks! 

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