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Q and A: introducing the AB Pendant

Q and A: introducing the AB Pendant

Words by Città

The latest addition to Città’s lighting is the unique AB Pendant. The light celebrates the beauty of simple, organic forms with uninterrupted lines across the entire pendant. 

The light is the result of a creative collaboration between Auckland-based designer Alex Buckman and Città’s 3D design team, David Moreland and Nikolai Sorensen.

Alex Buckman has an industrial design background with a career that spans Weta Workshop and Fisher & Paykel Appliances. He has recently turned his passion for lighting into a full-time role, producing bespoke lighting for residential and commercial spaces.

We chatted with Alex Buckman and our own David Moreland to find out more about the collaboration.

Hi Alex! How did the collaboration with Città come to life?

Alex: I’ve always loved Città’s aesthetic. I think the materials and forms are considered and restrained in a way that allows the products to be timeless and complement different types of spaces. A few years ago I got in contact with David Moreland about designing for Città. I was lucky enough to be asked to collaborate on a lighting project with David and Nikolai Sorensen. 

How would you describe the pendants?

Alex: For me, the AB Pendant has an elegance and sophistication that derives from the simplicity of its uninterrupted lines. When you observe the AB Pendant from different heights and angles, it’s as though the form subtly changes. We spent a lot of time ensuring we could integrate the lighting component within the glass shade to ensure we could preserve this seamless quality. This attention to detail was only possible due to the fact we designed every part specifically for the AB Pendant.

Where do you see the pendants being used?

Alex: The great thing about the AB Pendant is its versatility. Its pared-back aesthetic allows it to complement a wide range of spaces—both residential and commercial. It looks great as a single pendant but also works well as multiples or clustered. 

David, why did Città choose to team up with Alex?

David: We’ve always got on really well and I’ve loved Alex’s approach to design. This made the process of working together for the first time a very natural one. The open, collaborative environment resulted in a product range we are both really invested in and excited about.   

How do you see the AB Pendant fitting in with Città’s offering?

David: We are expanding our lighting collection and this is a great product to start with. Much like a lot of the furniture already in our range, I can see this light sitting comfortably in a lot of different interiors. Its clean lines and restrained aesthetic means it suits all types of residential and commercial environments.

We’ve seen some behind the scenes images of the AB Pendants being made—can you talk us through this process?

David: The art of glass blowing has been around for a long time, yet I find the process still has a certain magical quality. Watching the molten glass get blown into the mould then put through the finishing process is quite beautiful—every touch has to be perfect. It’s very satisfying to see the design come to life.

The Alex Buckman x Città AB Pendant is available online and in-store now. The pendant is available in two sizes and three finishes: frosted smoke grey/green, clear and frosted clear.

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