SPACE STEP: The step that’s also a drawer NZ
SPACE STEP: The step that’s also a drawer

SPACE STEP: The step that’s also a drawer

Words by Blum New Zealand

Blum introduces a floor-level storage solution that also facilitates access to cabinets up high

Now you can create extra storage behind toe-kicks while providing easy access to cupboards above eye level. Simply specify Blum’s new SPACE STEP.

Combined with mechanical or electrical opening systems such as SERVO-DRIVE, BLUMOTION or TIP-ON BLUMOTION, this innovative step-drawer gives you the best of both worlds. When not in use it’s hidden in the base of the plinth, integrated with your handle-less cabinetry. Nudge it with your foot, and the step platform smoothly moves out, revealing a full-depth drawer.

Homeowners will love the convenience because SPACE STEP does away with the need for separate stools or step ladders. Children can use it to step up to the kitchen workbench or reach the higher shelves in a closet. Integrated with Blum’s SPACE TOWER cabinet system, it enables you to maximise the storage potential of a room without sacrificing too much floor area.

Utility is matched by safety. SPACE STEP locks into place when just eight kilograms of weight is placed on it. To add further stability, there’s an anti-slip surface that can be applied to the standing platform. The system is designed to bear the weight of an individual up to 150kg, so children and adults alike can enjoy the convenience of a built-in step.

For designers, SPACE STEP offers the ability to build extra storage into virtually any area of the house – from kitchen and bathroom to laundry and living room. Your clients will appreciate the extra space and enjoy the convenience of a built-in step.

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