Technical Bulletin – Floating Agile Panels - Misc. NZ
Technical Bulletin – Floating Agile Panels

Technical Bulletin – Floating Agile Panels

Lotus Floating Panels are designed to be the perfect room divider, functional screen or whiteboard collaborating tool to create sub-divisions in an open-plan space.

Words by Lotus Doors

Floating panels seamlessly travel along our track system, locking in place anywhere along the length of the track via a lever handle mechanism located in the side of the panel. This mechanism lowers an internal stop along the full length of the bottom of panel, holding the panel in place.

An almost endless range of solid finishes are available such as drywipe boards, magnetic boards, chalk pockets, laminate boards, veneer boards, pin boards, noise reduction boards, or decorative acrylics and can comprise of as many panels as required.

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