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The 5 Types of Auckland Villas

The 5 Types of Auckland Villas

Words by DuraBuild Construction

Who doesn’t love a villa? Classic architecture, a high level of workmanship and painstaking detailing; all characteristics which draw kiwis to the villa home. Take a stroll down any residential street in Auckland and you're bound to spot a few of these gorgeous character homes.

Villas come in very distinctly different styles. From the Victorian Villa to the California Bungalow, villas come in all different shapes and sizes. Here is our comprehensive guide to the many types of Auckland villas.

The Workers Cottage

These 2 – 4 bedroom cottages were constructed in the mid – later 19th century and were used to house workers. Often constructed as part of early state housing schemes, these homes are often sitting very close to their neighbours and are characterized by symmetry and a lack of frills. While many of these cottages have since been adorned with ornate awnings and detailing, these homes were originally quite simple no luxuries lodging. As the wealth of the owners grew over time, these homes would start seeing improvements such as a front verandah or a second story.

The Victorian Villa

From the mid-19th century, as European settler began coming to NZ in droves, the Victorian Villa home became prominent. Typified by high a high ceiling, generously wide central hallway, small window and decorated front verandas, the Victorian villa was solidly constructed using native New Zealand timber. The Victorian villa was very much about outward appearances; therefore, a lot of care of time and care went into the exterior.

The Californian Bungalow

The Californian bungalow started to become popular in NZ from the early 20th century and quickly surpassed the Victorian Villa in popularity. The bungalow featured lower angled roofs, less verandah detailing and larger windows. A little more relaxed and informal in design, featuring an open-plan interior and a sunny, shingle clad rounded bay window. A common feature of the Californian bungalow which has seen a resurgence in modern architecture is exposed rafters and timber panelling on walls.

Bay Villa

Bay Villas featured a faceted bay window on one side with a front verandah running to the side of the bay window. The bay villa is a variation of the classic Victorian villa.

The Trans Villa

The Trans Villa embodies both the styles of the Victorian Villa and the Californian Bungalow, borrowing inspiration from each. Known as transitional villas , people began to incorporate the increasingly popular bungalow architecture into traditional villas. But by the 1940s, the bungalow had gained so much favour, that both the villa and the trans villa were consigned to history.

Renovating & Restoring a Villa

There comes a time when, inevitably, a villa much be restored to its former glory. Villa renovations offer a unique opportunity to adjust and improve the livability of a classic Villa. However, bring a Villa into the 20th century should not men sacrificing its authenticity and charm. The best Auckland villa restorations will improve the liability of a villa/bungalow without compromising the original aesthetic. Adding skylights to improve natural light and opening up living spaces, adding decking are all ways you could lift a villa into the 21st century while ensuring it remains true to the original design that we all know and love. It is recommended that any renovations be carried out by a builder experienced in traditional villas and character homes.

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