The Ferrari of Fitness NZ
The Ferrari of Fitness

The Ferrari of Fitness

As we all know, exercise and fitness are not only beneficial for our physical well-being, but they improve mental resilience and can help us to manage various health issues.

Words by ArchiPro Editorial Team

You may be a high-performance athlete – current or retired – or a person who wants to keep fit for your own health and well-being. So, do you go to the gym or jump on the treadmill at home? With the equipment, systems and technology that are readily available today, this objective can be achieved in the comfort of your own home just as successfully as at the local fitness centre.

Where you choose to exercise may well come down to where you feel most comfortable and what suits your personal style and requirements, says Mark Newcombe, owner and director of Technogym NZ, a company that imports top-of-the-range European fitness equipment.

The team at Technogym NZ provides its high-performance equipment to five-star hotels for their gyms, sports clubs and fitness centres, universities and physiotherapy clinics, as well as for private homes.

“Our Italian-made equipment is premium, high quality and very good looking. With its beautiful Italian style, it really is the Ferrari of fitness,” says Mark.

Mark and his team work with each client to understand their needs and find exactly what they want to achieve.

“Are you a really committed sports person, doing marathons or ironman-type events, or do you have a family with kids all playing high-level sports? Do you want to get fit, or maybe you have a health issue that exercise can help with?

"Some people want to be able to go to the gym and enjoy the social and collaborative aspects of classes and companionship and top it up with a few extra sessions at home during the week. Other people prefer to work out in private – particularly well-known sports and other people. We assess all these things to understand exactly what each customer really needs," says Mark.

Located in the heart of Takapuna, this brand new luxury residence has been fitted out with a comprehensive Gymnasium flowing out to an outdoor putting green.

Technogym NZ: Making exercise enjoyable

The range of equipment is substantial, and it's essential to get the right gear for individual needs, not only for specific sports but also to assess the type of exercise you are likely to enjoy doing.

“You’re more likely to keep training if you are enjoying it. So we look at what motivates you – are you happy to watch your favourite Netflix show while you exercise, or will you be better with a motivational coaching programme?” says Mark.

Technogym NZ also looks at the available space in your home and how it can best be utilised to achieve your goals.

“Budget is another thing. It depends on how much people want to spend, but our equipment is really well-made top-quality gear; it looks it, and we have never had anyone come back and wish they hadn’t bought it.”

Once all these details are resolved, Technogym NZ’s design team, which includes a wide variety of people experienced across a range of sporting codes, gets to work and comes up with a plan for your home gym. They produce CAD drawings and renders, so you get a clear and accurate view of what the final result will look like. The team is happy to work with architects and designers for new builds and with clients looking to retrofit a gym into their homes.

Customising your own workout space is the ideal way to achieve your health, strength and fitness goals.

Technogym NZ: Top service for a top outcome

Technogym NZ also has a full showroom set up with working equipment, and Mark says they encourage customers to come in and try out the gear before making a final decision.

"We have a large selection of equipment, different styles, different ranges, and you really need to see what works best for you," says Mark.

“Because every customer’s requirements are different, we treat every customer personally.”

So, when Craig Heatley called Technogym NZ, enquiring about a home gym for himself and his family, the team worked closely with him to develop a design that met his specific needs.

“I wanted to install a top-quality home gym into our new home for myself and my family, as health and fitness are important to us," says Craig.

"The team at Technogym NZ provided us with advice on the best equipment for our training needs, and they provided a design that made the most effective utilisation of the space that we had available for a gym. We are really pleased with the outcome; the Italian-designed equipment looks and feels terrific, and training on this high-end gym gear is an absolute joy.

“On top of this, the team at Technogym NZ provides top-quality service and ongoing support,” he says.

Part of that support is in the follow-up. Much of the equipment has high technological functionality, with digital systems, such as body analysis and follow-up programmes designed to run fitness centres and gyms, as well as exercise and fitness programmes for classes and individuals. Some of these are designed more specifically for commercial applications, while others are appropriate for home use. The Technogym NZ team provides a strong after-sales service to ensure both home and commercial users are getting full benefit from the equipment.

Get in touch with Technogym NZ to learn more about the options and range of equipment available for home and commercial gyms.

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