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Tristar turnstiles for a more secure site

Tristar turnstiles for a more secure site

Access control on building sites goes hand in hand with safety. Knowing who is on the site at any time and being sure that their credentials are up to date is now a mandatory aspect of health and safety on some building sites.

Words by Edgesmith

Tristar turnstiles have a range of features that make them ideal for access control on construction sites.

  • 2.1m high x 700mm wide entrance can accommodate a tradesman wearing a hard hat and carrying a toolbox. And if that is not enough consider installing a keypad-operated access gate for bulky goods or wheelbarrows.
  • Solar power is an option if the site does not have power right out at the perimeter yet.
  • Battery backup is standard with Tristar turnstiles making them great for sites with inconsistent power supply.
  • Turnstiles can be supplied with an optional checker-plate base with slots for forklift tines.
  • A Double Turnstile is made from putting two single units back to back meaning that they can be repurposed for a variety of purposes.
  • An optional wide access gate allows for bulky goods or wheelchair access.
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