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Understanding Gerflor Vinyl

Understanding Gerflor Vinyl

Vinyl flooring is constructed primarily from PVC. Heterogenous vinyl is a 100% PVC multilayered floor and homogeneous vinyl is a mixture of PVC and fillers using 4 chip designs, compressed under heat to form one solid layer of vinyl.PVC is a lighter component than the fillers, providing a simple way to check the quality of homogeneous vinyl. The lighter the vinyl, the more PVC content, the higher the quality of the vinyl. Ambiance Ultra, Advance Flooring’s homogeneous vinyl weighs in at 2750 g/sqm².

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Gerflor has developed and patented the surface treatment Evercare™, a polyurethane treatment obtained by UV laser cross-linking. Evercare™ creates an impenetrable, scratch resistant, uniform surface that is harder than surface treatments that are treated with traditional PUR. Evercare™ is applied to Ambiance Ultra, homogeneous vinyl, resulting in a hard, anti-slip, anti-stain, anti-scratch, durable, no-buff or seal surface.

Ambiance Ultra vinyl does not need to be polished or buffed – for the lifetime of the floor - it is a true low-maintenance vinyl floor. Problems arise with buffing vinyl floors as the anti-slip coating is slowly eroded, and each buff further destroys the surface coating. Traditional coatings are treated using PUR treatment, which result in an uneven thickness of surface treatment. As the layers are worn down through buffing, the PVC layer can be exposed, and as chemicals penetrate the vinyl, the floor becomes susceptible to damage. A shiny vinyl floor, immediately following a clean and buff, is often a sign that the floors surface coating and slip ratings are no longer up to standard. A vinyl floor that doesn’t require buffing, sealing or polishing is safe, high performing and low maintenance.


Gerflor’s Tarasafe Safety Flooring collection is suitable for use in all areas of heavy traffic where slip resistance, durability and hygienic conditions are required. It is used in a variety of sectors including healthcare, education, industry, housing, retirement homes, offices, restaurants, hotels, etc. As specialists in this field, we have developed our product ranges to reflect the needs of our customers.

Tarasafe and Tarasafe Ultra are treated with SparClean®, Gerflor’s unique and patented surface treatment which holds a far higher resistance to stains than non-treated alternatives. Surfaces treated with SparClean® offer up to 60% less water and detergent usage and independent studies have shown that payback is guaranteed after 2.2 years. SparClean® provides enhanced hygienic benefits by eliminating dirt traps and proven durability. This low maintenance surface provides a cost-effective solution for most commercial and industrial areas.

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