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Vitra: Turkey’s first production of ceramic sanitary ware

Vitra: Turkey’s first production of ceramic sanitary ware

Words by Franklins

VitrA’s production of the finest European ceramic sanitary ware began back in 1958 and products are still made on-site in the factory in Turkey. Through an ongoing commitment to quality and environmental awareness, VitrA is the first and only brand in Europe to receive a Type-III Environmental Product Declaration for ceramic sanitary ware

Design is at the core of the VitrA brand and as a company they strive to create innovative, purpose-led products that make life easier, better and more fulfilling for their users. VitrA’s commitment to innovation, comfort, sustainability and aesthetics, is what allows them to transform the traditional concept of the bathroom.

VitrA Hygiene

One of the many features that ensures lasting cleanliness for the VitrA toilet is VitrA Hygiene - an ion-rich surface technology that prevents germ multiplication by inhibiting growth by up to 99.9%. 

The VitrA Hygiene glaze coats all external and internal surfaces prior to firing in a process that ensures lifetime VitrA Hygiene protection for VitrA ceramic sanitaryware. 

VitrA Hygiene does not lose its protection feature even under intense usage conditions and ensures maximum hygiene for the end user.

VitrA Rim-Ex

Another of VitrA’s unique design innovations is the Rim- Ex system. The patented VitrA Rim-Ex system features a rimless bowl design that makes cleaning much more efficient and practical. This unique design ensures lasting hygiene by eliminating hidden and hard to clean surfaces where germs can gather and multiply. 

The patented triple-nozzle Crastin diverter and the smooth curvature of the specially-designed bowl give a thorough and 25% more hygienic flush each time.

Design Awards

Design is at the core of the VitrA brand. In order to demonstrate its commitment to innovation and to bringing millennia of Turkish ceramic and bathing culture into the 21st century, VitrA has built a stable of designers that help identify new directions within bathroom and tile design. However, rather than creating fleeting moments of creativity, VitrA is interested in the longevity of collaborations, nurturing these relationships over time. This approach has made VitrA internationally recognized for its sophisticated aesthetic and fine-tuned ideas and concepts, which have earned the brand some of the world’s most prestigious design awards over the years. These awards include:

  • 14 x The RedDot Aesign Award
  • 8 x Plus X Award
  • 2 x Design Plus Award
  • 35 x Design Turkey Good Design Award + 2 x Design Turkey Awards
  • 24 x Iconic Awards 
  • 10 x German Design Award
  • 22 x iF Design award
  • 1 x Elle Deco International Design Awards

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